F-ONE Kiteboarding Acid 130 x 39cm 2008 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Acid 130 x 39cm 2008

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At a Glance

Utilising the wood core technology that F-One have been famous for over the last few years the Acid is the freestyle board in the F-One line up. The construction is as ever bombproof and should stand the test of a season or two, something that F-One boards have always been renowned for. The finish on the board is superb with some excellent graphics that will appeal to the new school kids out there, which is after all the target market! The Acid is simple in its design, no fancy step caps or cut outs. Just a pure simple plan form that is thin and lightweight.

Meat and Veg

This simple outline and shape is aimed at one thing of course, creating the ultimate freestyle platform for new school tricks and moves. But is the Acid more than that? The outline is very square; the board keeps its width right up to the tips. This allows the rider to really displace a serious amount of water when loading up the edge for a trick. There is quite a bit of fast flex in the board which helps to flick you up into the air after you pop and the height you can gain when you load up the edge correctly is impressive. Those wide tips also make the landings easy and give the rider a good amount of control. The concave in the bottom is not huge but again adds to the control that the rider has in the landings. At speed this also gives the rider good control over the board. The board has a pretty flat rocker line that lends itself well to flat water blasting. It is in three stages with a large flat section in the middle, which helps the board get going really early. This coupled with the wide tips allows the Acid to cruise through the lulls. At 130cm bigger riders out there may find it a little short, especially with the flat rocker in the chop. But for the smaller riders out there this won’t be a problem. Bevelled rails help to make the board a little more forgiving although the overall outline shape doesn’t lend itself to rail to rail carving. The Acid does carve but it is far better suited to speed and pop. The simple shape and weight will appeal to a lot of riders out there, this really is a no nonsense kiteboard. Upwind the Acid is great, which means you can throw down more tricks in a session with out losing ground, The smaller kiters out there will really find this board has some excellent light wind ability, the flat rocker and wide outline lending itself well to getting going early on.

Fixtures and fittings

F-One are the first company we have seen who have changed their style of pads. Similar to the Liquid Force ones this new style has to be tried to be believed, we simply cannot convey in words how comfortable they are! Until you slip your foot in one you won’t believe us… The Straps are good too and easy to fit to the board. It comes as standard with 5cm fins.


If you aren’t a heavy weight then the Acid could be for you, especially if you are looking for something that excels at freestyle, which it does. If you like busting out new school tricks the Acid is a pretty good board to do it off… Plus those comfy pads will cushion even the hardest of landings…

This review was in Issue 9 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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