North Kiteboarding Whip CSC 5’4” 2016 Kitesurfing Review

North Kiteboarding Whip CSC 5’4” 2016

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At A Glance

The new North Whip CSC has undergone some changes this year, it was a hugely popular board last year and you’ll be pleased to hear these are tweaks rather than a complete overhaul. It’s the most versatile board in their CSC (Compact Surf Shape) line up which this year features the Pro CSC and the Nugget CSC alongside the Whip CSC.

It features a wide stubbie swallowtail with a new double concave in the nose, this shape is also found on the Pro CSC too. On the top the deck has been shaped to allow a better connection with the foot, think of it as a reverse double concave and you get the idea. This also lowers your centre of gravity on the board.

There is a new fin box, the North Multi Box can take both FCS and Futures fins, so if you are in a pinch in Indo you should be able to find something that fits! In the range is a 5’6”, and a 5’2” for smaller riders alongside the 5’4” we have on test here. If you are between 60 and 80kg then the 5’4” should be perfect.

The board is built using their bamboo tech construction, it also features Cork Shock Absorbers for the heels and has a responsive flex built in. It isn’t the lightest construction in the range, you’ll need to look to the Pro construction for that, but it does come with inserts for footstraps, which makes it a little more versatile for most riders out there!

On The Water

While the changes to the popular Whip CSC have been subtle, they have made a stark difference to the way the board feels underfoot. The new shaped deck is really comfortable. I fractured my calcanium (heel) years ago and I struggle to ride surfboards without pads. But while in Mauritius at the meeting I managed to ride this board for three hours without any discomfort. The test model we now have we’ve padded up, but there is no denying the heel shock absorber combined with the domed deck have made a stark improvement to rider comfort.

The progressive flex makes for a smooth ride and this board really excels in sub par conditions. When the wind is light the wide tail area helps to keep you going through the lulls and that also combines with the rails to help the board eek lots of power from mushy waves.

The Whip CSC has a snappy feel to it and vertical smashes result in a lightning fast turn off the top of the wave with plenty of tail sliding action. It’s a very easy and forgiving board to ride, don’t be put off by the radical looking shape, there is plenty of volume and area here for first time wave riders to enjoy…

More advanced riders will fall in love with (I hate to say it) the whippy feel of this board… I guess there is a reason they called it the Whip… Small to medium sized waves are perfect for this board and you’ll have lots of fun slashing turns and you can be as aggressive as you want to be.

When the swell gets really big and fast however, that wide tail can feel a little skittish, so if you plan on taming double overhead monsters you might need a more appropriate stick!


The clue is in the name with this board, it is radical on the waves and packs a huge amount of performance into a tiny package. You’ll find it easy to ride and forgiving as well though, making it perfect for a wide range of riders. We love the new deck shape and the light wind capabilities too!

This review was in Issue 55 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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