Set of Quobba Fins

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Set of Quobba Fins

If you follow these steps from Steven Akkersdijk, you should be able to launch and land your kite from a catamaran or boat a bit more easily and safely. Any questions? Comment below!

00:11 Quick step overview
01:04 Unrolling the bar
01:45 Splitting the lines
02:52 Connecting the lines
04:08 Inflating the kite
05:05 Unrolling the lines
05:57 Launching the kite
08:40 Coming back to the boat
09:24 Connecting the kite back to the boat
10:40 Landing on the front deck

Filming: Jos Denis-Robichaud

Video supported by:
CORE Kiteboarding and Charter & Sail

Sat 17th Sep, 2022 @ 9:00 am

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