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Custom Designed Ozone Twin Tip

We all know that big jumps can lead to big crashes, so a proper warm-up before hitting the water is crucial prior to hitting the water and sending it. In this video, Reno Romeu shares his trade secrets!

In his warm-up routine, Reno focuses on all the major muscle groups and joints that come into play when taking on big moves. Split into two sequences incorporating mobilisation, dynamic and strengthening exercises, Renos routine prepares your body for rapid movements as well as hard crashes. Ultimately, it hopefully helps you to prevent injuries and go even bigger. Its recommended to do two rounds of each part of the warm-up routine.

Here’s the detailed breakdown:

SEQUENCE 1 (repeat twice)
15 sec. Squat with arm raises
15 sec. Lunges with upper body rotations
15 sec. Arm raises with a stick
15 sec. Kneeling side lunge with upper body rotation

SEQUENCE 2 (repeat twice)
15 sec. Knee to elbow
15 sec. Glute bridges
15 sec. Plank with leg lifts
15 sec. Arm circles
15 sec. Mountain climbers
15 sec. Ankle circles
15 sec. Neck Circles

If you feel the warm-up is tiring you out before you even hit the water, just run through it once. However, twice is much more effective and if your fitness isnt up for it, it would be recommendable to work on your general fitness and strength.

If you’re interested in more kite related workouts and warm-ups, download our Duotone Kiteboarding Academy app on iOS or Android.

Thu 14th Jul, 2022 @ 9:00 am


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