Gliding through various conditions and disciplines, Alexander Lewis-Hughes shares his thoughts on the Ozone Enduro V3. Any questions? Comment below!

Time codes & Gear used.

Trailer – 00:00

Introduction/ Disclosure – 00:59

Enduro Setup – 01:42

Foil – 03:08
Sub 10knots.
10m Enduro, 11m Lines, 38cm bar.
Axis 760 front wing, 400cm rear wing, 75cm mast, ultrashort fuse.

Wave – 04:40
7m Enduro, 23m lines, 38cm bar.
Custom 6ft polyester Surfboard.

Freestyle/ Park – 06:26
12m Enduro, 25m lines, 38cm bar.
Oasi Wraith 159cm board.

Freeride – 08:43
12m Enduro, 23m lines, 38cm bar.
Ozone Torque 140cm Board.

Wakeskate – 09:41
12m Enduro, 25m lines, 38cm bar.
Axis Planq 41inch Wakeskate.

Enduro V3 vs AMP V1 – 10:35

Final Thoughts | Should you buy it? – 11:07

Wed 24th Nov, 2021 @ 9:00 am

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