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3 months ago

PREMIERE - Opinionated banter from the safety of my house. Ask me anything. - Alexander Lewis-Hughes

5 months ago

The plan was to film a banger 2023 full length part; the execution... Knot Perfect. - Alexander Lewis-Hughes. We guarantee you'll be entertained for the...

6 months ago

Well, that's it, folks; the 2023 KPL season has come to an end - Watch the Kite Park League 2023 highlights here with Xander Raith,...

8 months ago

Alex Lewis-Hughes checks in with Noe on the park build pre KPL Brazil World Championship stop 2023.

9 months ago

Rowdy teleports you to the future of foil sports in his latest review!

9 months ago

How do differing line lengths affect riders in various disciplines? Find out on the latest episode of 'The Rants' with Alexander Lewis-Hughes. Spoiler; they matter...

9 months ago

Drone moments by Alexander Lewis-Hughes featuring Ramiro Gallart, Ewan Jaspan, Katie Potter, Noe Font, Brendan Kerr, Xander Raith - Check it out!

9 months ago

Watch Team Gold from the KPL 2023 - Captained by Brandon Schied was packed with talent, including Alexander Lewis-Hughes, Sensi Graves, Nick Baines, Devin Carboll,...

10 months ago

Alexander Lewis-Hughes and Ewan Jaspan head to Hood River for a month of park riding and a fair bit of kicker and slider maintenance! Check...