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3 days ago

Now, this is worth a watch! Celebrating his twentieth year of kiteboarding, Alexander Lewis-Hughes aka Rowdy pieces together random moments from across a tumultuous year,…

3 weeks ago

This video feels like a major step back in time until you realise that Karolina Winkowska is riding the latest Slingshot gear! Here's Australian life…

3 weeks ago

Perfect conditions to progress in Porto Botte/Sardinia. Here's a stunning sunset session with Karolina Winkowska and some park, foil, and freestyle action!

2 months ago

The east coast of Australia is a favourite spot for Peri Roberts. Check out her latest wave session shot by Alex Lewis-Hughes!

2 months ago

In the park, flats, or waves, Karolina Winkowska shreds! She made it through 2020 with some solid sessions under her belt, and this artful video…

3 months ago

With 2020 over and done with and few opportunities to travel and shoot, getting together enough clips to put together an edit is no easy…

3 months ago

Alexander James Lewis Hughes and friends got together to put this full length shred flick out there for 2020 and what a banger it is!…

4 months ago

In this unusual blend of snowboarding and kitesurfing, Alexander Lewis-Hughes goes completely custom. A little bit of wave riding with some freestyle and his own…

4 months ago

Alexander Lewis-Hughes catches up with Ewan Jaspen in this 2-hour episode of The Line Club. Ewan gives some great insight for younger riders and also…