When you can’t decide between kiteboarding or snowkiting, why not both? Mikkel Hansen has some fun at the local spot on the water and on land. Check out his latest vlog!

“In the 5 years I have been kiteboarding I have never tried something like this. Wind was strong enough to send some kiteloops. Not that I felt like going crazy because the water was so cold. But it was also strong enough to carry my over land with the amount of speed that I wanted. With those conditions I had every opportunity to take my kiteboarding to something I havent done before and so I did.

Me and one of my pals which is also a Local at this spot. Decide to build a little kicker of snow. Both of us agreed on doing it the morning before we left home and he brought shovels as the main tool wee needed for this operation haha. It sure was a super cold experience but a lot of fun!

So BIG UPS to my pal Kim my local maniac for putting this together! You are the man!”


Fri 19th Feb, 2021 @ 9:00 am

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