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3 days ago

We're used to seeing Mikkel Hansen cruising around Denmarks (rather grey) kite spots, but not in this one! In Mikkel's latest vlog, he heads to…

4 weeks ago

Muddy waters wouldn't kill Mikkel Hansen's motivation to go for a boardshorts session in the sunshine!

2 months ago

A cold and cloudy solo session in Hvide Sande, Denmark, still puts a smile on Mikkel Hansen's face!

2 months ago

If there's one person that gets us stoked for a session, it's Danish North rider, Mikkel Hansen! He takes us on a ride around the…

3 months ago

The stoke is very real! Sun out in Denmark and Mikkel Hansen and Lucas Felding session together in this latest edit. Enjoy the sunshine while…

3 months ago

What happens when the Danish crew get together for a session? This... this is what happens! Mikkel Hansen catches up with Nick Jacobsen, Kent and…

3 months ago

The good times never stop when you get the Danish crew together on the water! Nick Jacobsen and Mikkel Hansen have a funky time on…

4 months ago

He's feeling the pulse on the new 2021 North freestyle gear... Check out this quick clip from Mikkel Hansen to see it in action!

4 months ago

Kiting isn't all clean grabs and smooth landings. Sometimes the funniest sessions are the ones where you give up on perfection. Enjoy Mikkel Hansen's latest…