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2 weeks ago

Are you ready? Because the GREEN LIGHT is ON for the Cold Hawaii Big Air on Thursday, 15th September!  Here’s a reminder of last year’s…

2 weeks ago

The 'Fun with a Kite' series continues, and Nick Jacobsen films Mikkel Hansen's version this time!

2 months ago

Summer sessions in Denmark with Mikkel Hansen... and Nick Jacobsen behind the lens!

3 months ago

Mikkel Hansen knows how to keep his vlogs entertaining. Find out what he did for 3 weeks in Portugal here.

3 months ago

Got no one to film your session? Mikkel Hansen has some tips for you in his latest vlog.

4 months ago

Keeping us entertained is Mikkel Hansen's speciality... So enjoy these next 3 minutes!

4 months ago

It's been a minute since we last saw a tow up!

6 months ago

Have you watched Nick Jacobsen & Mikkel Hansen's 1440 yet?! Well... you are in for 3 minutes of PURE entertainment!

7 months ago

North team riders Mikkel Hansen and Max Dahl team up for a session, jumping gaps and cruising around! If you haven't heard of Max Dahl…