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3 days ago

How do add excitement to your flatwater sessions? Mikkel Hansen hauled some extra equipment down to the beach for this session to add a bit…

1 week ago

Solo sessions are all well and good, but having a good crew to share the water with always makes for the most laughs! Check out…

2 weeks ago

It's Wipeout Wednesday, and it's your lucky day. With not only one, but nearly four minutes of wipeouts, Mikkel Hansen has delivered a veritable buffet…

4 weeks ago

There's boardshorts sessions in Brazil, and then there's this. Mikkel Hansen piles on every piece of cold water kit that he can find for this…

1 month ago

This season's kiteboarding trend seems to be a lot of muddy, cold water ponds where gloves and booties are a requirement to survive the session.…

1 month ago

What better way to start the day! Danish North Kiteboarding rider, Mikkel Hensen, shares a sunrise session from his homespot.

2 months ago

It might be getting colder and darker in Denmark, but that doesn't discourage Mikkel Hensen for sharing a session with us!

2 months ago

It may be grey and gloomy, but that doesn't stop Danish North team rider Mikkel Hansen from getting a session in!

3 months ago

This one's been on Mikkel Hensen's bucket list for a while...