The Duotone Evo SLS is now on the market, but how does it fly?! Reno Romeu gives us a detailed run-down on his opinion of the new kite, and how it fits his style of riding. Watch the review to find out if this is the kite for you!

Reno says: “This is my personal Evo SLS review.
Everything said here is my personal opinion.

The new Evo SLS from Duotone Kiteboarding is a game changer!
This kite is 15% lighter duo to the new material on the leading edge, central and middle struts.

In some sizes with more than one kilo weight difference comparing to a standart kite this kite works in light wind like no other.
With the new Evo SLS you will be glading on the water and flying in the sky with light wind easier than ever.

This is a perfect kite for someone who enjoy freeride because the kite steering is easy and the bar pressure is light.
But also if you want to do some radical moves like huge jumps and nice kiteloops.

For sure the Evo SLS together with the Dice are my favorite kites ever.

Evo SLS x Rebel:
– Jumping and hang-time of Rebel is slightly better than Evo SLS
– Rebel works better for heavy peole than the Evo SLS
– Evo SLS is way more playful and faster than Rebel

Evo SLS x Dice:
– Kiteloops on Dice are slightly better than Evo SLS
– Unhooked tricks on Dice are easier than on Evo SLS

The Evo SLS is for someone who wants to jump high, have good hang-time, do nice kiteloops and have comfort for long downwinders.

The Rebel is someone who wants to jump very high, have a lot good hang-time, this is kite is perfect for heavy people.

The Dice is for someone who wants to do extreme kiteloops, likes to freestyle/wakestyle and also play on the waves.”

Evo SLS score (0-5)
Freeride – 5
Jump – 4.5
Kiteloop – 4
Foil – 5
Wakestyle – 3
Wave riding – 3

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Sun 31st Jan, 2021 @ 3:00 pm

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