ION believe that limits are defined mostly by an individual’s skills and passion. Wind and weather are barriers that we can overcome. Therefore, they provide you with the gear to find – and exceed – your own limits. They support all of you in fulfilling your dreams and your desires on the water, on the slopes and in the air. But when our planet is not healthy, they are confronted with other insuperable limits.

“We see it as our mission to counteract this development by helping to keep the sea and the air clean and our earth healthy.”

Ecofriendly Products

Our criteria for the best product rests on style, function, repairability, and durability. Among the most direct ways we can limit ecological impacts is with goods that last for generations or can be recycled.

Sometimes balancing the qualities of performance, durability and sustainability is one of the most difficult aspects. We strive to use as many sustainable materials as possible, but we trust our lives to this equipment, so we must value performance foremost.

No decision is taken lightly. When considering a material we evaluate its efficiency, functional qualities, chemical composition and the amount we’ll need before making a choice. To help us make a decision, we use the list of preferred materials and technologies below.

Carbon Offset

We see it as our mission to counteract the development of environmental pollution by helping to keep the sea and the air clean and our earth healthy.Therefore we decided to supporting organizations that fight global warming.

So we started to calculate and offset the carbon emissions caused by our products and processes by supporting recognized carbon offset projects. Besides avoidance and reduction, offsetting carbon emissions represents an additional important step in comprehensive climate protection.

Greenhouse gases like CO2 disperse uniformly throughout the atmosphere, which means the concentration of greenhouse gases is approximately the same all over the planet. Thus, the location on Earth where emissions are generated or saved is irrelevant when it comes to the global concentration of greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect. That is why emissions that cannot be avoided locally can be mathematically offset through climate protection measures at another location.

We take these efforts very seriously because we are responsible for ensuring that also future generations can experience the stoke of surfing elements.

More on Carbon Offset, right here.


We see it as our mission to minimize the environmental footprint with several efforts in all business areas.

We contribute to this overall mission by processing leftover materials, reducing print materials and extend the overall product life cycle while developing high-quality sports gear which is designed for long-term use. Furthermore we are organizing the ION beach & trail clean days when communities rallied together with the common goal of collecting the trash littering their playground.

Save Our Planet

We strive to use our resources, our knowledge and our connections for environmental protection. We want to show you this and take you along: we all have the chance to change something. Let us take a stand.

Building Kites, Bars, Twintips, Surfboards and accessories will always have an environmental footprint. We strive to minimize this footprint whenever possible by developing new environmentally friendly packaging, by improving transport routes, by researching recyclable materials and greener manufacturing processes and by cooperate with organizations that fight global warming.We take these efforts very seriously because we are responsible for ensuring that also future generations can live the stoke of surfing elements.

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