CORE’s Bolt 4 is out! Heart Attacks, Slim Chances, and Krypts are your thing. You know ‘em all, and love adding new ones to your repertoire. You see opportunity when others see tricky shoreline elements. You ride the Bolt 4.

A New Deck

Katana Channels, Bevels and new Tucked Under Rails significantly bump comfort and performance. View all new features right here.

Boots only for this baby! Heavy-duty, stainless steel, V4A thread inserts are laminated in a massively reinforced base plate deep within the board. Find out what the Bolt is known for, right here.

Doubled up Cartan® Carbon: Cable park strong. The top and bottom receive an extra lamination (for a total of four laminations) of our exclusive high-performance carbon fibre. Check out all the tech details, right here.

Pro-Fix Grindbase: The snowboard inspired base is high-modulus polyethene, a material with superior sliding properties, especially over rails, ramps, and other water features. Check out the grind base, right here.

For more information on CORE’s Bolt 4, please click here.

Mon 10th Aug, 2020 @ 12:15 pm

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