Riot Curv Harness from ION

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Riot Curv Harness from ION

When it comes to kite loops, Ruben Lenten does not mess around! Ruben has been out in Cape Town putting the AMP through its paces. Having debuted it at the King of the Air at the end of January, he is now completely hooked on its boosting and looping potential!

“Getting the AMP dialled in was easy as I fell in love with the direct feel, power and handling throughout the whole wind window right away. I feel in control and ready to push further as I exactly feel where the kite is at all times.
The Ozone team have done a stellar job in creating one kite with three unique settings that make the kite fly perfectly for what I do, boosting and kite loops but the AMP’s also got settings to provide unparalleled performance for unhooked sessions and park riding with a 4 or 5 line option to create the feel you like. I’m already looking fwd to the next session, I can’t wait to see people fly the AMP kite to feel the performance and see them experience progress and above all lots of stoke.” – Ruben

Launched only a month ago, the AMP has already caused a serious stir in the freestyle sector. As a progressive yet user-friendly C-kite, the AMP has been designed to maintain the highest performance allowing the pros to advance their skill set and at the same time give newer riders the stability and ultra smooth flying experience needed to progress their level, providing the inspirational confidence to go for it!

We have incorporated some of the much-loved traits of the C4 and developed a kite that is both predictable and adaptable for hooked and unhooked riding. With the addition of three new tuning options, the kite is easily transformed to better suit the varied styles of freestyle and park riding.

The looping capabilities of the AMP are immense, with the bridle set on the closest knot riders will experience insane acceleration and be amazed at the height and distance covered. Setting the bridle on the furthest knot freestylers will feel the confidence to go unhooked and achieve new levels in park riding. The fifth line mode is designed to give additional slack, creating the ideal steering delay to get in those grabs and handle passes. By tightening the C-shape arc, it provides a more precise and direct feel on the bar to really nail those advanced tricks.

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Tue 19th Feb, 2019 @ 12:00 pm


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