Here is the full ‘directors cut’ version of Tom Court’s trip to Indonesia, featuring the private island of Wakatobi as an emerging kite spot paradise. This edit will have you itching to go on a kiting adventure!

We kited the island for the first time, checked out all the spots and advised on where to have launch and landing areas for their miles of epic down winders. Its worth checking out!

Traveling with Sophie Mathews and Jason Walcott, we made the most of the ten days that we had! If you would like us to come a check out your spot, make a movie, travel story and hang out… get in contact!

So if you never managed to sit through the whole 40 minutes that is my last movie ‘Freeride Project 3’ then you might never have seen the full Indonesia section. Well as I have done with previous FRP movies I will upload each section as an individual clip.

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Tue 14th Mar, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

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