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2 years ago

Check out the highlights from Lucas Gramstrup's kite trip to Indonesia right here!

5 years ago

#rememberwhen Keahi de Aboitiz scored these killer conditions in Indonesia. Taking you back to 2014... this one is worth a rewatch. Enjoy!

6 years ago

Grant Tiggy Baker showing us how it's done - simple!

6 years ago

Arguably one of the best wave videos to hit our screens this year, Matt Elsasser, Moona Whyte and Matt Elsasser clock up some serious smashes...

7 years ago

Buckets of spray! Indo has some top notch kiting. Windy days, glassy mornings, great people and good times! Can't wait for next year...

7 years ago

Sumatra is not really on many kitesurfers map for a reason, but when on a surf trip it's always handy to pack a couple kites....

7 years ago

Keahi De Aboitiz, Moona Whyte and Matt Elsasser take on the unpredictable winds in Indonesia and tear it up on their kite boards. This 16...

7 years ago

Here is the full 'directors cut' version of Tom Court's trip to Indonesia, featuring the private island of Wakatobi as an emerging kite spot paradise. This...

7 years ago

Perfect for your Monday evening watch this feature length Cabrinha film from 12 years ago! Incredible to see what the likes of Andre Phillip could...