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Majestic X Harness

This trailer for Progressions ‘Learn to Ride Waves with a Kite’ with a kite series will definitely have you wanting more! It took 4 years to make and is a brilliant way of improving your wave skills. Check it out!

Four years in the making – announcing our highly anticipated series of instructional kitesurfing videos.

For the past 12 years we’ve helped over 100,000 kiteboarders learn through our proven Progression method.

Now it’s your turn to take to the waves as we give you over 3 hours of in-depth instruction and everything you need to master riding a surfboard with a kite.

The first collection of videos covering carving turns, are now available in the Progression Player App.

Find out more on our website & get notified when the new videos are available:

Supported by:
North Kiteboarding:

Main Riders:
Lee ‘Pasty’ Harvey
Colin Heckroodt
Jalou Langeree
Oswald Smith

Tue 8th Nov, 2016 @ 6:00 pm


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