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Progression Sports posted a video
4 weeks ago

I've been getting lots of questions about when the Foiling Gybes tutorials will be released, so I made a video to explain how it's coming along. I cover some of the complexities of making these videos and what to expect when they arrive in the next 6-8 weeks.

Are you struggling with the foiling gybes? Let me know what is going wrong in the comments and I'll try and help out with some tips.

Progression Sports posted a link
4 weeks ago

We just send out our monthly Foiling Bulletin #4 - subscribers will find it in their email inboxes, you can also read it online and subscribe to get future newsletters:

Progression Sports posted a link
1 month ago

If you ride a kite surfboard you are always thinking of the next place to find some quality waves. Now, this post by the guys at Wild Kite Peru doesn't claim to be the definitive guide but it definitely highlights many of the top spots you should have on your bucket list.

I can only tick 5 off as places I've ridden waves, though other 5 for other forms of kiting. So how many have you travelled too and any places you think are missing?

And remember if you are learning to ride waves / a kite surfboard check out the Progression Kitesurfing Volume 1 Collection which will help you ride waves the right way:

Progression Sports posted a link
1 month ago

Who wouldn’t want to go foiling in miles of warm water, it definitely makes the crashes a little easier 😁 As does Rob and Danny’s coaching which will supercharge your sessions so you minimise the crashes and learn something new every day.

Join us in Soma Bay, Egypt for the first of our Progression Live Foiling Camps, ready to come back and show your mates your foiling skills this summer!

Any questions? Get in touch in the comments or message us directly.

Progression Sports posted a video
2 months ago

Watch this on your TV and then tell me you don't want to just get up and go kiteboarding, kitesurfing, kitefoiling, surfing, surffoiling, supfoiling, just anything that gets you out in the water.
Thanks to F-one International for a beautiful film that you can show to your non-kiting friends over beer and they will get why you do what you do!

Progression Sports posted a video
2 months ago

Lots of great feedback to last months Waterstarts - Strapless video but it highlighted a couple of points that I wanted to clarify along with a couple of extra tips - so here is a short video for those still thinking about ditching their straps and becoming a strapless kite foiler.

There is an accompanying blog post for those who rather read about the extra tips:

You can watch the full Waterstarts - Strapless instructional video on the Progression website and apps:

Progression Sports posted a photo
2 months ago

Foiling perfection? We’ll get yourself to Langebaan, just north of Cape Town. Those couple of hours before the stronger wind kicks in are just magical with just a few of us on the water. Loving this spot for foiling progression ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

(Oh yeah, the strong winds are also great for foiling too 😁)

Progression Sports posted a photo
2 months ago

He’s in there somewhere! Sometimes just getting out and surviving is the challenge and reward.

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Progression Sports are the World Leaders in Instructional Kitesurfing Videos & DVDs for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Kiteboarders, and now also for Kitesurfers learning to ride a surfboard with a kite.

Our premium videos and collections are available through our progression Player App to watch anytime, anywhere, as well as on DVD through our store. We offer an unmatched level of detailed high quality instruction for all levels. Additionally we have a vast library of free videos offering tops tips and inspiration to get you motivated for every session.

We have a tried and tested ‘Progression method’ consisting of slow motion run throughs, key element analysis, targeted repetitions, and detailed common mistakes to help you visualise and succeed at whatever you are hoping to achieve.

We regularly produce content for our online communities; focusing on trick techniques, rider and/or location profiles, and news updates from the Progression team.

Loads of video content regularly uploaded to our youtube page, subscribe and get all that free content sent to your inbox:

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We aim to help people get the most out of the sport they love.

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1 year ago

You know that Progression video that you've watched over and over? The one that helped you through the most difficult steps in your kiteboarding journey?…

1 year ago | 9:26

Carving Turns genuinely feel amazing no matter what level you are at! This carving turns collection contains four in-depth Progressions, along with a FREE introductory…

1 year ago | 1:51

Backside wave riding is technical and can be challenging to master but once you dial it in, it feels amazing and you'll be hitting steep…

1 year ago | 3:43

When riding strapless on a surfboard, the position of your feet is vital but there is more to consider than most people may first imagine.…

2 years ago | 1:55

Whether you're new to kitesurfing or a pro, riding toeside feels great! Learn how to do it from Progression here and try it out this weekend!…

2 years ago | 1:14

You can tell a true kitesurfing expert when they kite in light winds. It is extremely benefits in many ways. Pick up some tips from…

2 years ago | 2:20

The toeside to heelside carve is great practice for moving our feet around on the board whilst learning how our kite aids in these movements.…

2 years ago | 1:58

An essential part of your freestyle development is popping whilst unhooked. Make sure you watch this informative video from Progression Sports on how to do…

2 years ago | 1:36

Why do we start kitesurfing? To get airtime of course! Popping makes a big difference to the quality of your jumps, be sure to watch…

2 years ago | 2:40

This is essential viewing for those of you new to kiteboarding, having a good transition saves valuable ground when trying to go upwind. Pay close attention…

2 years ago | 4:35

Everyone should feel confident that in the worse case they can self-rescue by winding up their lines and using their kite to pull themselves into…

2 years ago | 7:46

This is a great video for those of you just starting on a strapless board. Staying in control without straps on your feet can be…


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Best Spark Plug Kite Board


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Kiteloose Fatty Surfboard


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GoPro HD Hero 3 Silver Edition


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CrazyFly Sculp 9m Kite and Sick Bar System


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Kitesurf Holiday Experience with Kirsty Jones


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2013 F-One Bandit 6 9m Kite


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