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5 days ago

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the background of Progression, why I make these videos, my now obsession with foiling and the coaching I’m now doing, then you might like this podcast episode from The Kitesurf365 Podcast. Thanks Adrian for having me on.

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1 week ago

Foiling Clinic Tomorrow Afternoon
(Wed 18th June)
Anyone interested in improving their foiling we are hoping to run a foiling clinic in the afternoon. The forecast looks good with 15-20 knot SW wind. The aim is to start around 2/3pm and it will run for 3-4 hours. Great opportunity to learn/improve your gybes and tacks.

We'll run another clinic on Thursday afternoon if people are interested.

If you're still a beginner foiler then still get in contact as we may run a couple of beginner sessions too on one of the days.

You can indicate which days you are free using the following poll:

If you haven't been in contact with us before then please follow up with an email so we have your contact details and can chat about what you are trying to learn.

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3 weeks ago

Thor and Ian taking full advantage of an flat water afternoon foil at @kitehouse_somabay - we had the whole spot to ourselves - another amazing day on our Egypt Foil Camp.

If you want to improve your foiling then come join us in Portugal, Morocco or Mexico for our next camps.

Progression is with JP Brighton.
Progression is with JP Brighton.
3 weeks ago

Day 2 was a productive day for the Egypt foiling crew, we've ironed out the niggles that were holding everyone back and we're now full steam ahead with everyone's Progression. We've had some first runs, first foot changes and first toeside foiling runs. 3.5days to go with a great forecast ahead. Thanks to Planet Travel Holidays for getting us all here smoothly, KiteHouse for hosting us in style on the beach and The Breakers for keeping us well fueled and staying in comfort.

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3 weeks ago

Day 1 for camp 1 of 2019 in Soma Bay. We've got wind and butter flat conditions. The first day is all about the little things, ensuring kit is tuned correctly and working on tweaking the basics to ensure progression happens naturally in the most efficient way possible. Have you played around with your stance and equipment to see how it affects your riding?

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4 weeks ago

Hiding in the shade. Sneaking a view of the spot. And what a spot! Great day of kiting...

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Progression shared a post.
1 month ago

Such a great couple of days last week when we had the first British Kitesports Association's Foiling Instructors course and we now have 10 new foiling instructors ready to get more of you on the water foiling this summer.

It was a pleasure to work on this with Andy Gratwick and the BKSA, helping to deliver this new program and get some amazing feedback and discussions going from everyone on the course. It's been exciting to see how kitefoiling has gone from a pretty hard, challenging learning curve to something that most independent kiteboarders can have a go at. Myself and Danny have learnt a lot over the past two years when we first started filming the Kitefoiling Volume 1 Collection of how-to videos and then started our Live Coaching clinics and camps last year. It's great to share all that knowledge and now have this awesome network of schools able to get out there and teach kite foiling safely.

No doubt we'll be getting more instructors trained up but for now, if you want to learn to kite foil there really is no better time to give it a go... And if you want to improve your foiling the UK has several Advanced Foiling Coaches (Danny & I being two them) who can help you with the next stages of your foiling progression.

*** BKSA Foiling Instructors ***
The Kitesurf Centre, Camber - Jen Bell Taylor & Steve Thane
Nomadic Kitesurf, Calshot - Paul Sweeney
BN1 Kitesurfing, Lancing - Stav thraves, Worthing - Steve Sinnhuber
Easy Riders, Poole - Joe Taylor, Gemma Soloman & Andy Gratwick
Progression, Shoreham - Rob Claisse
The Hoxton Special, Marazion - Angus Tobey
The Official Test Centre (OTC), Weymouth - Dan Hallam

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1 month ago

Viana do Castelo is a spot that’s getting a name for itself on the European kite scene with perfect foiling flats and rolling swells it really has it all! It’s also our chosen spot to head to for our Portugal camp in September with FeelViana hosting us in style right on the spot and Planet Kitesurf ensuring all your bookings run smoothly. Danny has written this post about the spot to give you a bit more of an insight of what to expect from Viana.

Progression is with Rob Claisse and 2 others.
1 month ago

This version of the foiling 360 is a fun trick to learn - this drone shot should give those learning a good idea of the kite movement. One key point - keep the kite overhead through the middle of the turn, so it's pulling you up and driving forward in the wind window, allowing you to rotate around underneath whilst keeping enough weight on both your feet.

Who's learning this at the moment? Share your mistake and tips below.

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2 months ago

An introduction to learning to ride a surfboard with a kite. Getting on the board, stance, control and speed, and finally getting over waves are the main topics covered that will set you ready to start carving, gybing and riding waves.

Get the full Kitesurfing Volume 1 Collection to speed up your progression and learn to ride waves the right way:

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Our premium videos and collections are available through our progression Player App to watch anytime, anywhere, as well as on DVD through our store. We offer an unmatched level of detailed high quality instruction for all levels. Additionally we have a vast library of free videos offering tops tips and inspiration to get you motivated for every session.

We have a tried and tested ‘Progression method’ consisting of slow motion run throughs, key element analysis, targeted repetitions, and detailed common mistakes to help you visualise and succeed at whatever you are hoping to achieve.

We regularly produce content for our online communities; focusing on trick techniques, rider and/or location profiles, and news updates from the Progression team.

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2 years ago

You know that Progression video that you've watched over and over? The one that helped you through the most difficult steps in your kiteboarding journey?…

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Carving Turns genuinely feel amazing no matter what level you are at! This carving turns collection contains four in-depth Progressions, along with a FREE introductory…

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Backside wave riding is technical and can be challenging to master but once you dial it in, it feels amazing and you'll be hitting steep…

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When riding strapless on a surfboard, the position of your feet is vital but there is more to consider than most people may first imagine.…

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Whether you're new to kitesurfing or a pro, riding toeside feels great! Learn how to do it from Progression here and try it out this weekend!…

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You can tell a true kitesurfing expert when they kite in light winds. It is extremely benefits in many ways. Pick up some tips from…

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The toeside to heelside carve is great practice for moving our feet around on the board whilst learning how our kite aids in these movements.…

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An essential part of your freestyle development is popping whilst unhooked. Make sure you watch this informative video from Progression Sports on how to do…

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Why do we start kitesurfing? To get airtime of course! Popping makes a big difference to the quality of your jumps, be sure to watch…

2 years ago | 2:40

This is essential viewing for those of you new to kiteboarding, having a good transition saves valuable ground when trying to go upwind. Pay close attention…

2 years ago | 4:35

Everyone should feel confident that in the worse case they can self-rescue by winding up their lines and using their kite to pull themselves into…

2 years ago | 7:46

This is a great video for those of you just starting on a strapless board. Staying in control without straps on your feet can be…

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Cape Town has become a mecca for kiters over the last few years, events like the King Of The Air have put it on the map like no other place on earth. Is it all it is cracked up to be though? Rou Chater makes the trip to find out what the fuss is all about!

3 months ago

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