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1 month ago

New issue of IKSURFMAG is out and good article on Cape Town where I've been spending the last few months. It has been a odd year for wind but if you are willing to jump between a twintip, surfboard and foil, depending on the conditions, its been windy everyday :-) And take Rou's thoughts on crime with a little bit of context - if you're hobbling around at 3am, inebriated and waving your iPhone around, getting mugged isn't that big a surprise in many places around the world ;-)

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1 month ago

Everyone needs to know this technique cos you never know when things might not go to plan and you have a swim in! Particular now more people are pushing the lighter wind sessions on foils, big kites and surfboards these skills are vital.

This video covers the full self-rescue technique but you can watch FREE longer version which also includes the full water re-launch technique, available on the Progression website and our mobile app:

If you have any questions about this technique then feel free ask in the comments or email me at

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1 month ago

Early this week we looked at the kiteboarding waterstart, now we have an excerpt for your first runs and the important focus on keeping the kite moving after initially dropping it down into the powerzone.

Learn more about the first runs and waters in our full premium video:

If you have any questions about this technique then feel free ask in the comments or email me at

Progression Sports posted a video
1 month ago

Are you keen to ditch your straps on your foilboard?
In the following video, I clarify a few of the important steps that we cover in more detail in the premium video plus a couple of new tips that might speed up your strapless progression.

Watch the full Waterstarts - Strapless video on the Progression website or download to the Progression mobile app:

If you have any questions about this technique then feel free ask in the comments or email me at

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1 month ago

Do you want to learn to jump on your surfboard with a step on beachstart? This video will look at the board position as you step and start moving. Learning how pushing the nose away will allow you hand the kite power, pick up speed before adjusting your body position and weight distribution ready to ride.

It's an excerpt from our Riding and Control: Getting on Board video which covers both the standard waterstart and the step on beachstart in full, with first runs throughs, all the key elements and importantly all the common mistakes:

If you have any questions about this technique then feel free ask in the comments or email me at

Progression Sports posted a video
1 month ago

A few key tips to help anyone learning to waterstart.

If you want a more detail understanding of how to waterstart and then your first runs up on the kiteboard take a look at our Waterstarts and First Runs video:

If you have any questions about this technique then feel free ask in the comments or email me at

Progression Sports posted a video
1 month ago

Do you want 3x your kite sessions this summer?
Then its time to learn to kitefoil and ignore all the stories of it being really hard or visions of getting impaled on sharp objects! The truth is that kitefoiling has evolved over the last couple of years, both with equipment that is tailored to beginner and intermediate foilers but also how we teach it. We know how to teach foiling so you can get up and ride quickly with minimal crashing! It is a challenge but one that every independent kiteboarder can achieve with the right equipment, in the right conditions and with a little help and advise.

Our Kitefoiling Volume 1 Collection of how-to videos is the definitive guide to learn to kitefoil, taking you through all the stages right up to your first gybes. Over 2 hours of instruction broken down across 11 videos, and the FREE introduction video below will give you a great overview of everything covered.

You can buy and watch the full Kitefoiling Volume 1 Collection on the Progression website and download videos to the Progression mobile app to watch offline. There is no easier way to get started with your journey into kitefoiling...

And if you have any questions whilst learning to foil I'm always happy to help out with answers, either post in the comments here on Facebook or email me directly:

The question is why you wouldn't want to learn?

Progression Sports posted a video
1 month ago

If you want to learn to ride a kite surfboard, or improve your technique, then check out the trailer for our Kitesurfing Volume 1 Collection. With over 4 hours of videos, we cover everything you need to learn to ride waves properly.

It's made up of 3 sub-collections:

### Riding & Control ###
Here we get you started with transitioning from a twintip to ride a strapless surfboard. We'll look at various waterstart options, board control and how to get out over waves.

### Carving Turns ###
The essence of turning on a wave is a carving turn and break this down in gentle gybes with the foot change and then powered carves. And we do this for the heelside to toeside and the toeside to heelside versions. This really is the first building block that directly translates to your bottom and top turns on a wave.

### Riding Waves ###
This is the goal and we take all the skills you have learned up until now and apply them to understanding how to perform a great bottom and top turn for both frontside and backside riding. Then we look at how you connect multiple turns together. The kite is obviously a huge part of all of this and the element that can screw it all up so we have multi-angle shots for everything so you can see exactly what is going on for your board, body and kite, along with the wave.

We have free introduction videos for each of these sub-collections and you can buy all or part of the collections, whatever works for the level you currently at. Find out more on the Kitesurfing Volume 1 Collection page on our website:

And don't forget all these videos are available to stream online through the Progression website or downloadable for offline viewing in the Progression mobile app.

Any questions on riding a surfboard with a kite, ask away in the comments.

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1 month ago

If you want to improve your kiteboarding this summer and learn your first tricks then check out our Kiteboarding Intermediate Volume 1 Collection of how-to videos. The introduction is free to watch below and then whether it's learning to ride toeside, slash around some carving turns or the big one, boosting jumps, we've got you covered. Along with videos on lightwind technique, strong wind riding, coping with waves and tuning your kite.

You can purchase the full collection of 7 videos on our website:

If you have any questions about improving your kiteboarding ask away in the comments or email me directly at

Progression Sports posted a video
1 month ago

If you are learning to kiteboard this summer then get a leg up with our Kiteboarding Beginner Collection of how-to videos. The perfect compliment to your lessons, giving you further insight and understanding so you get past the basics, gain confidence and be up and riding before you know it.

The full introduction video is available to watch for free and then you can purchase the full collection of 12 videos on our website:

If you have any questions about learning to kiteboard ask away in the comments or email me directly at

Make the Most of Your Next Session.
Kiteboarding videos to help you learn, try new tricks and techniques and get inspired.
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Progression Sports are the World Leaders in Instructional Kitesurfing Videos & DVDs for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Kiteboarders, and now also for Kitesurfers learning to ride a surfboard with a kite.

Our premium videos and collections are available through our progression Player App to watch anytime, anywhere, as well as on DVD through our store. We offer an unmatched level of detailed high quality instruction for all levels. Additionally we have a vast library of free videos offering tops tips and inspiration to get you motivated for every session.

We have a tried and tested ‘Progression method’ consisting of slow motion run throughs, key element analysis, targeted repetitions, and detailed common mistakes to help you visualise and succeed at whatever you are hoping to achieve.

We regularly produce content for our online communities; focusing on trick techniques, rider and/or location profiles, and news updates from the Progression team.

Loads of video content regularly uploaded to our youtube page, subscribe and get all that free content sent to your inbox:

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Be a better kiter. Progress with us.

We aim to help people get the most out of the sport they love.

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1 year ago

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Carving Turns genuinely feel amazing no matter what level you are at! This carving turns collection contains four in-depth Progressions, along with a FREE introductory…

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Backside wave riding is technical and can be challenging to master but once you dial it in, it feels amazing and you'll be hitting steep…

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The toeside to heelside carve is great practice for moving our feet around on the board whilst learning how our kite aids in these movements.…

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An essential part of your freestyle development is popping whilst unhooked. Make sure you watch this informative video from Progression Sports on how to do…

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Why do we start kitesurfing? To get airtime of course! Popping makes a big difference to the quality of your jumps, be sure to watch…

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This is essential viewing for those of you new to kiteboarding, having a good transition saves valuable ground when trying to go upwind. Pay close attention…

2 years ago | 4:35

Everyone should feel confident that in the worse case they can self-rescue by winding up their lines and using their kite to pull themselves into…

2 years ago | 7:46

This is a great video for those of you just starting on a strapless board. Staying in control without straps on your feet can be…

Issue 74

Cape Town has become a mecca for kiters over the last few years, events like the King Of The Air have put it on the map like no other place on earth. Is it all it is cracked up to be though? Rou Chater makes the trip to find out what the fuss is all about!

1 month ago

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