This is what kitesurfing is all about, having a blast with your friends! Watch as Danielle Durrant and her mates spend four months exploring the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Take a look!

‘Let Loose’ – How it now feels to finally be FREE
Just only a handful of memories about my 4 months spent on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, where picking strawberries became the norm and kiteboarding took a back seat.

Those who had the pleasure of knowing me, knows how crazy that time was.. For all of us. Where we sacrificed our normal every day lives for our Australian second year working holiday visas.
But it wasn’t all bad.. Trust me, we made the most of the time we got given off.

So I hope you enjoy this edit as much as I did creating the memories, where you get a insight into my shoes…
Mad mornings that turned from 6.30am to 3.45am starts.. Just to exercise before work. Where we picked strawberries for 14 days consecutively.
And then to an insanely fun week on Fraser Island.
To finally being finished!!
During my last week of picking Mother Nature decided to give us wind, good wind too. Spending that time on the water with great friends Mika, Valeria, Natalie and Sean, I made the most of sharing my passion with them.


Big thanks to Ozone, Axis, Manera and Hive Swimwear for the continued support!
Danni’s back, with her visa approved, Australia you have me for another year!

Sat 24th Sep, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

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