Tom Court goes big in this kite loop edit! It’s getting close to the time of year that the pros head to Cape Town and send most of their time 10 meters in the air! We look forward to seeing it all unfold…

Occasionally I go out for some loops! Having broken my rib several years in a row doing exactly that, it is always an adrenaline rush to go out in strong winds and send some big kite loops. I was in the South African first Redbull King of the Air back in 2013 and couldn’t continue riding due to a broken rib, so I thought I would throw together a few clips from last year to see if another entry would stick…

Bring on South Africa for the KOTA 2016! See you there!

Filmed by;
Sophie mathews –

Music: UPPM database
Robotic Chic Bordat – Dubstep

Wed 21st Oct, 2015 @ 9:00 am

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