Check out Sensi Graves’ “Select” cut from the second season of the empowering female kiteboarding series, Where the Wind Blows. This is the second of five videos, alongside Colleen, Lindsay and Laura – featuring prime action shots from a summer of chasing wind and stacking clips. Sensi penned a few words for us and sent some additional images from the shoot which you will find below:


This move is known as the Titanic!

“Today marks the release of the second episode in our second season of Where the Wind Blows! Where the Wind Blows is an empowering female kiteboarding series, the first of its kind. Born from the mind of Jennifer Jones and with the help of Wiley Watson of Red Tide Pictures, Colleen Carroll, Laura Maher, Lindsay McClure and myself, we’re proud to once again push the sport of kiteboarding and advocate living a clean, healthy and passionate lifestyle. We want this project not only to be an inspiration to women to try kiteboarding but to also spread the healthy living lifestyle that we so believe in.”


Sensi with her eyes on the prize!

“About my piece:

In brainstorming for my “select” bikinis were, of course, at the forefront of our minds. But we wanted to share more than that. We wanted to give viewers a brief peek into what goes on in the world of a professional kiteboarder who owns their own business. It’s a balance to be sure. To show a glimpse of my life, we filmed behind the scenes of Sensi Bikinis 2016 studio shoot. We typically shoot the entire new collection in the studio as well as doing a lifestyle shoot. It was a perfect opportunity to show just a little bit of what goes into the launch of a new swimwear collection.”


Shredding in Hood River!

“The rest of our time was spent filming in one of my favorite places in Hood River, the kite slider park in the Columbia River. The Hood River slider park is one of the few kite sliders parks in the world and we’re lucky enough to have a motivated group of riders that manage, maintain and keep access for the park open to everyone. This summer the park was packed, with visitors from all over coming to session our home spot.” – Sensi Graves


High Fives at Sunset for the ladies!


Checking the surf…


Some of the new Sensi Bikini’s range!

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Thu 29th Oct, 2015 @ 2:30 pm

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