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The Slingshot summer 2016 gear release has arrived. Slingshot has some exciting new products to introduce along with their proven classics. The Wave SST, Slingshot’s new wave-specific kite, is ready for its debut in a break near you. Slingshot also adds the Refraction 143 Sam Light Pro Model and Refraction 135 Karolina Winkowska Pro Model, designed to meet the needs of top level competitors. To learn more about Slingshot’s new gear, continue reading their announcement below.

Slingshot’s Summer 2016 Gear

Gear from Slingshot's 2016 summer release is available now.

Gear from Slingshot’s 2016 summer release is available now.

It’s official, Slingshot’s exciting lineup of 2016 Summer Launch Cycle products is listed, live and ready to turn heads on a beach near you. Included in this cycle is a holy trinity of kites (the new WAVE SST, the refined Rally and the fiery Fuel), a stunning lineup of surfboards, the Misfit and two Refraction pro model twin tips (one for Sam Light and one for Karolina Winkowska), above and below the bar Compstick systems and our Dually and Bolt-on foot straps.

Meet The Wave SST

Short for Slingshot Surf Technology, the Wave SST is a beefed-up surf-specific kite that we are confident will blow the competition out of the water. The 2016 WAVE is tailored to perfection as an aggressive down-the-line, lip-smashing wave slayer that will redefine expectations of what a wave-specific kite can, and should, do for its riders.

Learn more about the Wave SST

The Surfboard Lineup

Check out the Slingshot surfboard lineup, with a variety of models that meet each rider's needs.

Check out the Slingshot surfboard lineup, with a variety of models that meet each rider’s needs.

Incorporating minor design tweaks and a major aesthetic makeover, our 2016 surfboard lineup includes two chop-top T-Rex profiles (the Screamer and the Angry Swallow), the classic crowd-pleasing Celeritas and the aggressive down-the-line charger, the Tyrant. This year’s visual presentation features an edgy but classic look that radiates a feel of high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Learn about the Tyrant

Learn about the Screamer

Learn about the Celeritas

Learn about the Angry Swallow

Rally / Misfit / Dually


With mildly-tweaked geometry to improve handling and turning performance, the 2016 Rally has once again set the industry’s highest-standard for high-quality craftsmanship and ultimate versatility. Features of the 2016 Rally include an open Delta-C profile, surf tough seams, a direct connect pulleyless bridle, split strut integration and an upgraded one-pump speed system.


For riders looking for a user-friendly board that will deliver consistently in all conditions, look no farther than the tried-and-true Misfit. Featuring moderate rocker, stiff flex and a high-tech bottom profile that includes precision laser cut NACA to generate speed, grip, load and pop, the Misfit is back to maintain its place as the longest-running twin tip in our kite lineup.


Featuring four independent adjustment points, softer cushioning and a bolt-on baseplate that allows a fully customized stance, the 2016 Dually pad and strap system is the go-to footstrap for riders wanting excellent hold, support and cushion with the safety and ease of a slip-in system. The Dually’s unique dual-zone adjustability allows riders to completely customize their foot straps for ultimate comfort and control.

Learn about the Rally

Learn about the Misfit

Learn about the Dually

Meet the Sentinel & The Guardian

Compstick With Sentinel (above the bar)

New to Slingshot’s lineup in 2016, the Compstick with Sentinel safety is an above-the-bar system that places the depower rope at the arms-reach location that many riders prefer. Features of this setup include a sliding trim block that allows riders to adjust trim cleat location prior to riding, dual swiveling components, one above the bar and one integrated into the safety mechanism, redesigned EVA grip, padded bar ends with bungee line keepers and upgraded molded floats.

Slingshot offers their Compstick bar with either above the bar, or below the bar depower for 2016.

Slingshot offers their Compstick bar with either above-the-bar, or below-the-bar depower for 2016.

Compstick With Guardian (below the bar)

The industry’s first below-the-bar depower system returns in 2016 with its trusted and time-tested Guardian safety system. With rider simplicity at the core, the Guardian is a no BS setup that integrates the safety release and depower components into one streamline system. Updated features for this year’s Compstick include a redesigned EVA grip, padded bar ends with bungee line keepers and upgraded molded floats.

Learn about the Compstick Sentinel

Learn about the Compstick Guardian

Check out the Refraction, Sam Light and Karolina Winkowska's pro model, new for 2016.

Check out the Refraction, Sam Light and Karolina Winkowska’s pro model, new for 2016.

The Refraction Pro Models

Slingshot has added two new twin tips to its lineup for 2016: the Refraction Pro Sam Light and Karolina Winkowska. Both boards are designed to meet the rigorous demands of Slingshot’s top two pro freestyle riders and are engineered to deliver explosive pop off the water, aggressive landings and rail/slider/kicker durability. The Sam Light model comes in a 143 cm length and the Karolina Winkowska model measures 135 cm.

Learn about the Refraction

Fuel & Asylum

Available this fall, the Fuel returns with the well-received removable Nitrous bridle option that has brought increased depower and range to the world’s most infamous and hard-charging C-kite.

Asylum: The Asylum returns to Slingshot’s 2016 lineup as the weapon of choice for powered-up freestyle riders looking to push themselves – and their gear – to the next level. With an aggressive rocker, wide profile, flexible wood core,and precision laser-cut channels, the Asylum delivers massive pop and rebound for ultimate freestyle performance.

Learn about the Fuel

Learn about the Asylum

The Slingshot Fuel and Asylum are an aggressive combo for riders looking to push their skills to the next level.

The Slingshot Fuel and Asylum are an aggressive combo for riders looking to push their skills to the next level.

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