Ride Engine Technical Changing Robe

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Ride Engine Technical Changing Robe

Watching young kids absolutely ripping on kites is always a pleasure, and this video is a glimpse into the future of what there is to come. If you have kids yourself then here is some inspiration as to what is possible! Meet the Next Generation crew from F-One. Mentored by Etienne Lhote these 11 young kids from around the world get to learn about life as a kitesurfer, whilst learning to eat healthily and have fun along the way. Filmed using all the latest camera gear as only F-One know how this is well worth a watch today…

Riders: Mikaili SOL, Evan DRYE, Oscar PERRINEAU, Tom SEAGER, Maxime CHABLOZ, Javier JIMENEZ, Lazare GOURNAY, Lucas TARIN, Kilian BLUMBERG, Nicolas DELMAS, Jop HEMSKERK

Wed 8th Apr, 2015 @ 2:54 pm

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