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3 years ago

Join Lazare Gournay for a solo Freestyle session in Saint-Brevin-Les-Pins, France!

4 years ago

Was this the ultimate “quarantino flick” to come out of lockdown? We think so! The Manera crew jump in a camper and head off around...

4 years ago

When you think of the trips the MANERA crew have taken over the years, you imagine spots like last years the Kamchatka Peninsula This year’s...

4 years ago

Dropping October 18th! MANERA trips are always associated with an atypical destination in a relatively cold place. Last year, the Kamchatka Peninsula was incredible! This...

7 years ago

Join Lazare Gournay as he finds perfectly flat water to perfect his freestyle in Sicily. Looks like a good trip! I spent one incredible week of...

8 years ago

The stunning Achill Island hosted the Battle for the Lake 2016! Year after year, water fanatics have been followed by other visitors: beach lovers, music lovers, fire lovers...

8 years ago

Lazare Gournay has some impressive skills in light winds with his F-One gear. This flat water spot looks spot on for some training! Some of...

9 years ago

Join Lazare Gournay as he kites on a sunny day at his home in Brittany. This relaxing short might be just what you need after a...

9 years ago

Watching young kids absolutely ripping on kites is always a pleasure, and this video is a glimpse into the future of what there is to...