It’s simply amazing how fast it’s possible to kite on the water if you have balls of steel. Check out this video to see the riders who attended the recent North American Speed Sailing Championships- NASSI. With peak speeds in excess of 50 knots some of them are going off like rockets!

1st Place: Robbie Douglas USA 55 – 48.4 kts avg
2nd Place: Brian Kender USA 22 — 44.3 kts avg
3rd Place: Morgan Douglas USA 57 — 44.1 kts avg
4th Place: Nico Parlier FC 01 – 43.1 kts avg
5th Place: Jamie Douglas USA 56 – 44.1 kts avg
6th Place : Dave Williams UK 12 — 43.6 kts avg
7th Place: Alex Aguera USA 151 — 42.1 kts avg
8th Place: Bill Lynch USA 54 — 35.1 kts avg

Thu 8th Jan, 2015 @ 10:00 am

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