We’ve been taking a look into the new kiteboarding range from RRD, today we are going to check out the new surfboard line up. Since the beginning of time RRD have been developing and creating innovative products within the market. For 2017 the range boasts 6 kites, 2 bars, surf boards, 9 twin tips and a slalom race board. The range has undergone a graphic re-design as well as design tweaks. We also see a new redesigned website for 2017, it all looks pretty slick…


For the 2017 season we see three different constructions throughout the RRD directional / surf range, lets get the low down, then we can see the line up.

Classic PU

The Classic PU construction was developed to create pure surfboards for pure wave riding and to allow control over choppy waters. We have improved the weight and strength of the boards this year. We are now using a pigmented resin. This type of resin fills up the holes in the foam and impregnates the glass fibers less which makes the boards lighter. In addition to the new resin, we have increased the bamboo deck reinforcement area and extended it all the way to 2,5cm from the rail, further back towards the tail, and 9cms towards the nose. The feeling of the classic board is wonderful. The Classic boards have poor fiber memory and poor foam memory at the same time. This poor memory gives our boards a proper surfboard feel. We recommend the Classic technology to the strapless riders because of the forgiving ride this construction provides through its flexibility.


The Wood construction is a totally new technology used to create our boards. It is a very special process created with HDT (High Definition Technology). The boards are molded in one shot. This means that all of the fibers and lay ups are in the mold at the same time. The boards are then laminated with an infusion process. Infusion brings the resin into the mold from the nose and is pulled through the mold towards the tail. By building the board this way, it is possible to use the minimum amount of resin. Less resin makes the board lighter. Because this construction is less labor intensive, it is possible to get a quality board at a fair price. The Wood construction offers full wood on both the bottom and the top of the board(deck). The deck of the board has 90 degrees alignment of the fibers allowing for more flex compared to the bottom. Therefore, our Wood surfboards have a softer flex than most boards on the market that have bamboo.


The LTD construction was introduced last year. Built with a lightweight technology that allows flex, control and scooprockerline accuracy. The board is built with a CNC EPS core of 20 kgs/m3 density, then laminated with 200 grms biaxial glass fibers and finished with a 55 grams carbon net over a bamboo stepping deck vacuum glued onto the board at 90° compared to the stringer length so as to avoid excessive stiffness onto the board flex.

So this construction is slightly lighter than the Classic, about 300-400 grams, but the difference is not as much the weight, but it is stronger and has the EPS foam core. The EPS core makes the board more buoyant because the foam holds more air. The boards in the LTD construction feel alive, not only because of their light weight, but mainly due to the added floatation. Because of this it is possible to ride a thinner board. All of our LTD’s are thinner and tuned down from the Classic and Wood technologies. These boards were created specifically to ride strapless and are ideal for jumping. They are meant for riders who abuse the board during the landings, but want a lightweight board at the same time that can be controlled at high speeds.

The Directionals

Rocket V1

The RRD Rocket is a brand new board for freeriding. This bullet is packed with speed, easy acceleration, early planing, and loads of control. Best suited in the flats, chop, or small waves, this surfboard will get you through those marginal conditions. The Rocket is a short board with a wide nose and tail, equipped with a flat scoop rockerline, more volume in the middle section, and narrow rails. Thin rails and extra floatation make this board excellent for strapless freestyle maneuvers and increases its lightwind performance. Rail to rail directional changes and high speed turns are much easier due to the Spiral V bottom, the deep double concave, and the squash tail.

Additionally, the back fins are at a 0 degree angle. This feature enables the board to be suited as a freeride board more than any other boards in the line. Unlike the front fins that are angled towards the nose to keep the nose of the board down, the back fins do not point towards the nose. This ensures that the back fins have no drag and they are truly free. The Rocket can achieve more speed and goes faster, hence the name of the board.

The Rocket provides great freeriding performance and is an ideal choice as the first introduction into a directional board. Propel yourself to new heights with the RRD Rocket V1!

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Pop V2

The Pop V2 is the perfect stick to use when conditions are not ideal but you still want to ride strapless and practice those new freestyle tricks on flat water or small surf. Light winds? No problem. It’s a pleasure to ride the Pop V2 in light winds because it provides some meat under your feet to plane early. The additional volume under your foot gives you extra floatation that acts as a buffer when you are not an expert at tacking or trying your first strapless jumps.

Landing jumps on this board is soft. The wide outline, and our Classic or LTD constructions, ensure forgiveness and durability. This shape is perfect for sticking new tricks and makes for a fantastic time on the water.

Inspired by the new mini-maxi surfboards, the Pop was designed around an entirely new outline base with a very wide mid point and a squared nose which increases the floating potential on this super short stick. If strapless airs are your main focus, the very wide but gently rounded swallow/fish retro style tail maximizes the pop potential of this modern freestyle/surfboard shape.

A slight tail lift on a very straight rocker line and a kicked nose on a constant scoopline, makes the perfect balance when mixing freestyle with surfing.

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The new RRD Spark is in its own program. It blends the Assopigliatutto and the Chiatta to create a unique all-round performer. This combination paired with a COTAN shape, defines the Spark as a premium board that is truly the perfect shape for all conditions.

This board is the ideal choice for those who are torn between the Rocket or the Cotan. The Spark shines bright during strapless freestyle, provides early planing for incredible light wind performance, and still maintains proper wave riding characteristics in side-onshore or side-offshore conditions. Equipped with easy to ride parallel rails, a very straight outline, and extremely thin, but really wide to nose to tail, the Spark feels extremely comfortable and follows your line while cranking that bottom turn. The board is exceptionally stable as the nose does not lift up and down. Before we had two boards that do it all, now we have the Spark.

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Barracuda V2

Designed, tested, and developed by Ralf Bachschuster. Specifically created to be used for strapped-in riding, these phenomenal sticks are very fast, securely grip the water, and deliver an abundance of hold in the most extreme conditions. With a slightly wider outline in the middle with narrow rounded pin tail to improve top speed, the Barracuda delivers great turning potential with plenty of grip at high speeds. The full mono-concave hull with heaps of rocker on the tail makes planing fast and holding control on choppy waters a breeze.

Developed and tested in Cape Town by one of the most influential and radical kiteboarders in the South African kite scene, the Barracudas are fast boards that were born to handle full power!

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C.O.T.A.N V2

The C.O.T.A.N. (cut off tail and nose) is described as a high performance board that carries less length and momentum in comparison with a traditional board shape. This shape allows you to feel exceptionally free and fast in everything you do. The reason this shape is magic is simple, it rips! It’s the next step for kite-surfing.

AVAILABLE IN 5 different sizes – all equipped with 5 fin boxes.

When deciding what size Cotan to choose, we recommend going 5 or 6 inches shorter than what you normally ride on a classic surfboard shape. The Cotan is equipped with the very best accessories available on the market. It includes our exclusive “1000 stripes” diamond groove 4 mms surf EVA pads with tail kick. You may ride with only the rear pad and wax the deck for the pure strapless feel or with both the tail pad and the deck pad, the choice is yours. In fact, you can glue the front pad yourself because the inserts are embedded in the pads.

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Maquina V3

The Maquina is a classic thruster, the one you want to be riding when you want to have a totally reliable shape that will never let you down. This board becomes an extension of your mind and allows your eyes to draw lines on the waves. The new Maquina V3 is a pure surfboard, with the right feel and flex, being the thinnest board in our range which is getting you where you want to be at any time. The super thin profile throughout paired with the thin rails, nose to tail, allow this stick to be ridden powered and have maximum control at high speeds. Although this board has all the drive you need for speed, the flat rounded squash tail releases instantly aided by a progressive rocker. This gives you precise control over the direction of the board in any situation. Blink if you dare, you might miss an unforgettable moment of joy.

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By Robin and Sukie
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