With a heritage that stretches back to before kitesurfing even existed, Liquid Force has stood the test of time and in recent years have been going from strength to strength!

“Every year we focus on making new and innovative products that invite everyone across the globe to join in and live the Liquid Force lifestyle. 2019 is no different, as we truly believe that we have something in our lineup for everyone!” – Don Wallace

Take a look at the Liquid Force 2019 Product Overview, right here!

2019 Kites

NV v9

Redesigned with purpose. The NV Version 9 is just not a new colourway or slight change that has no impact on the performance of the kite. We looked at how the NV has excelled over the past eight years and then took into consideration what we wanted the kite to go beyond any expectations. No doubt the NV is synonymous with stability and dependability in all conditions and styles of riding. Not only does the new NV V9 embrace its heritage but it now will set a new standard in freestyle kites.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 NV V9, please click here.


Whiteboard designed and engineered from concept to creation the P1 breaks the Liquid Force design paradigm. The Liquid Force R&D team stepped out of the box when setting out to create a kite that encompasses a new feel and performance parameters. Enlisting collaboration with veteran kite designer Simone Vannucci has given light to a freestyle/freeriding kite that is versatile, easy and predictable in all wind conditions and offers confidence-inspiring performance for lofty hang time and freestyle finesse.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 P1, please click here.

Hifi-X v3

The long anticipated and awaited time has come for the next generation of the HIFI. Since 2015 countless prototypes, endless testing, and novels of feedback has been poured into the development process of the HIFI X3. The challenge to improve what is touted as one of the best pure C kites in the competitive and purist freestyle world was a daunting task.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Hifi-X v3, please click here.

Liquid Force 2019 Twintip Boards


What do you get from over a decade of board design and collaboration between kiteboarding pioneer Jason Slezak and legendary shaper Jimmy Redmon? You get the precise, refined twintip that is the Liquid Force Legacy. Back for its fourth season the Legacy’s full double concave hull, progressive rail concave, split “v” tip design and calculated flex pattern provides unmatched control and response on the water. The flow of the Legacy’s outline combined with the subtle yet precise bottom contours plough through chop, as if it wasn’t even there while allowing for fast drag free water flow along the entire bottom of the board.

This provides superior edge hold for fast upwind reaches, smooth downwind carves, powerful takeoffs, and soft feather landings. The channel free bottom results in a hand-shaped organic feel, yet utilise state-of-the-art materials such as the carbon centre reinforcement and full vector net carbon weave bottom sheet for reduced weight, controlled flex, and added pop and life to the board. The Legacy, much like Jason, likes to ride everything and in every condition; from huge lofty airs to powered park sessions, to playful slashes the Legacy will take everything that you throw at it and ask for more.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Legacy, please click here.


From competition to creative free riding Brandon Scheid undeniably is the landlord of the current wakestyle movement. Brandon has been working with master shaper Jimmy Redmon to create a board that will both lock on a slider and deliver explosive pop off the water.

The new 2018 Echo exceeds the standard and will take your riding to the next level.  New for this year is the addition of the LF Flex Tip technology to the channelled, profile wood core. This allows for the tips to flex deeper on presses without sacrificing the centreboard stiffness required to generate pop and handle hard landings. The addition of the Liquid Force Grind base adds durability not just for hitting rails and sliders but also for coarse sand launches.  All blended with the proven triple concave to fluted channel bottom contour, high rocker and sandwich construction, a recipe for the purest of wake style circles.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Echo, please click here.


There is no question that a 10-time World Champion knows what is needed in a board to reach the highest level of competition. Gisela Pulido and her father Juan Manuel have been perfecting her perfect ideal twin tip for years. With the added knowledge of LF’s extensive board engineering team, Gisela finally says the board of her dreams has been created.

The Benchmark incorporates a rocker line, flex pattern, and outline that the most demanding gals will enjoy, while at the same time forgiving enough to inspire progression. Utilising the same core profiling technique as the Echo, the Benchmark has been created with a solid wood core that has a single concave to channel tips that smooth out the harsh chop and make upwind pointing simply. Rounding out the board is a sandwich glass construction and capped with Liquid Rail for durability.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Benchmark, please click here.


Engineered to transform a kiter’s riding in a short period, the Drive packs a potent, empowering punch. Offering the ultimate value to performance ratio, the Drive features many of our most advanced technologies and is optimised specifically for progression, staying upwind, jumping, and doing air transitions. Highlights include a single concave bottom shape, a wood core construction, Liquid Rails for durability and timeless, earthy graphics. All fun, all the time!


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Drive, please click here.

Over Drive

The Over Drive brings high-end freestyle performance to the light wind and heavy rider arena. Featuring inline inserts, minimal rocker, and a hearty width, the Over Drive offers early and efficient planning, exceptional upwind capability, powerful pop, and a smooth, predictable feel. All of it comes together with a lively profiled wood core and a medium flex pattern to create a light wind twin tip that will allow you to jump, jibe and hone in on your board skills.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Over Drive, please click here.


Built for rapid progression, the Edge is one of our unique, easy-to-ride boards. Engineered to make board control as easy as can be, the Edge features asymmetrical bottom contours, including a turned-up toe side to minimise edge catch, and a long, single concave offset towards the sharp heel side edge increasing the unwind projection. The ultimate board for first water starts to the first air transitions.

For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Edge, please click here.


Free yourself from the light wind doldrums! If you think about kiting at the first sign of the leaves rustling on their branches, the slight flutter of a flag or the hint of breeze at your local sensor the Libre will make your ambition of being the first on the water, or the only one kiting when the wind is just, well…not windy!

The engineering of the board is everything light wind. From the low entry rocker to the soft manipulative flex, enhanced by an efficient sidecut shape, will get you on the water faster and more often. Light wind specific features such as an offset stance and shallow bottom concave round out this ultra-lightweight gliding machine.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Edge, please click here.

Lunar Lander

Driving off of the fantastic sensations created on the water from the other boards in the Liquid Force Hippy Stick lineup, the Moon Patrol and the Space Craft, we are proud to present you the ALL NEW Lunar Lander. The Lunar Lander is the brainchild of longtime team rider Jason Slezak and LF’s engineering wizard Peter Mehrhof. Longing for the same plush ride, edge control, and displacement of water on landings from the double concave of the Legacy, Jason and Peter drew inspiration from progressive powder slashing and slope carving snowboards and transferred the most desired components from the frozen water realm of the mountains to the liquid realm of the oceans, lakes and rivers for your creative kiteboarding enjoyment.

The Lunar Lander carries with it all of the high-performance benefits of its parent board, the Legacy. The double concave to progressive rail concave bottom shape, centre line tapered carbon reinforcement, and full bottom sheet vector net carbon weave lamination provides a smooth butter ride, precise flex, and lightweight lively feel that is sure to put a gigantic smile on the face of everyone who rides it…even the most sceptical of kiteboarders. The full nose, directional outline, asymmetric rocker, and deep “v” tail shape all wrap up this new and exciting addition to the LF Hippy Stick family for your shredding, slashing, and wave bashing enjoyment.

The Lunar Lander comes equipped with a 6 fin setup which can be configured in a 4 x 4cm fin setup, for a more traditional twintip feel, a 2 x 4cm for the nose and a 2 x 5cm fin setup to achieve more drive, projection and hold through turns…or any combination that your creative mind desires.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Lunar Lander, please click here.

Moon Patrol

Reminiscent of your favourite fish shape surfboard or your backcountry powder stick, the Moon Patrol offers a smooth elongated outline that allows for free-flowing turns and high-speed cruising. A single tip to tail concave wood core directs water through the fins making for a remarkably smooth ride and easy upwind progression.  With the option of setting the stance back from centre, the Moon Patrol will turn big bone jarring chop into launch pads to orbit over the liquid surface. The Moon Patrol comes with optional 5cm fins for the tail configuration for more drive and projection.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Moon Patrol, please click here.

Space Craft

Inspired by futuristic planning hull surfboards and chopped tip snowboards the Space Craft is a surgical water instrument. Slightly smaller than its larger big brother the Moon Patrol, the Space Craft gives a new dimension to your kiteboarding experience.

Sharing the same bottom configuration as the Moon Patrol for water flow and achieving the same benefits but in a more angular, smaller package for faster redirects and precise transitions. The Space Craft comes equipped with optional 5cm fins for the tail for more drive and projection though turns.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Space Craft, please click here.

Liquid Force 2019 Foils & Foils Boards

Galaxy Foil Board

Dedicated hydrofoil performance, combined with revolutionary construction, highlight the Liquid Force Galaxy. Some may argue that the board is not as important as the foil. However, we believe that the interaction between; board, foil and rider are critical to the performance and experience of riding a hydrofoil. No detail was overlooked or compromised in the design and engineering of the Galaxy Hydrofoil Board. The Galaxy’s precision engineered features offer the highest performance characteristics for your hydrofoil.

A forgiving outline, combined with a unique forward placed double concave hull design, allows for easy on water tracking when starting as well as during planned, or even unexpected touchdowns. The bevelled rail design aids in heeled over, chop deflection, keeping the board in line with the foil trajectory.

The “feel good” concave deck affords the rider precise control via the ability to translate foil feedback more rapidly and precisely. Rider adjustability and set up preference is essential to us. The Galaxy affords this with the use of a track mounting system for dialling in the placement of the foil, a full coverage comfort EVA deck pad complete with kick tail for the strapless rider, and performance tuned insert configuration options for; single strap, inline double straps, or triple strap configurations. All this in a unique moulded lightweight and durable honeycomb carbon construction that is proprietary to Liquid Force.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Galaxy Foil Board, please click here.

Rocket Foil Board

We think that adding a free riding hydrofoil board to your quiver should serve a couple of purposes. The Rocket foil board is wonderful for the first time glides on a foil all the way to advanced foil carving. The Rocket Foil board has a higher surface area and a slightly increased rocker line that assist in the water “touch down” deflection, keeping the board from submerging and giving the rider plenty of time to master the art of riding a foil.

While this board does have an adjustable track mounting system for the foil, it also serves as a great board to ride without the foil. If you find yourself in an area too shallow, too much sea or lake weeds, don’t worry! The Rocket works excellent as a directional, all around fun board! Board comes complete with a directional fin system and enough straps for an inline setup or a staggered three strap setup.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Rocket Foil Board, please click here.

Impulse Foils

Created in collaboration with Cloud IX surf foils the Impulse wing set confidently crosses kite, surf and wake hydrofoiling. Designed to provide rapid lift and long glide, along with wide speed and wind range. The Impulse will take your freeride kite hydrofoiling to the next level.

They are allowing more time for tack and gybe transitions, constant wing engagement on jump landings, and the ability to drop a size kite or get out in even lighter wind conditions than ever imagined. These same design attributes make the Impulse ideal for mounting on a hydrofoil compatible SUP or prone surfboard. Efficient and smooth controlled lift, along with the ability to generate glide by pumping the wing, keep swell energy connectivity easy and manageable. This magic can be translated behind the boat where the Impulse excels at sustained hydrofoiling on both the primary and secondary wakes with or without the rope!


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Rocket Impulse Foils, please click here.

Thruster Foil

New to the LF hydrofoil line up is the Thruster Foil. This complete foil kit utilises the same proven alloy mast configuration that runs though LF’s entire hydrofoil line. New in the configuration is the use of the HD alloy fuselage that creates a highly hydrodynamic connection with the wings.

The Thruster wing set has been developed in collaboration with Matt Wheeler, master hydrofoil expert and engineer in Hood River, Oregon USA. This collaboration has brought to life a unique wing design that provides extended range and stability offering rapid lift and stability at speed. If you are in search of the pinnacle of freeriding performance, look no further.


For more information on Liquid Force 2019 Rocket Thruster Foil, please click here.

To find out more about Liquid Force Kiteboarding products, please click here.

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