F-ONE released their 2021 kites, and the legendary BANDIT returns for its 14th edition, featuring improvements that offer the best riding experience – no matter the conditions, but it doesn’t stop there, check out their 2021 line up right here!

“All our kites are the results of months of testing and tuning in all sorts of conditions. This way we are sure to provide the best kites for the best riding experience.”

Bandit 2021

Riot Curv Harness from ION

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Riot Curv Harness from ION

2021 marks our second year splitting the BANDIT into two distinct lines to allow for more versatility, depending on your riding style. While key features remain consistent, we are proud to have once again further developed through troubled times the BANDIT to offer you the quality gear you deserve on the water.

The BANDIT 2021 is extremely pleasing to fly whilst having a sporty feeling. Its behaviour is direct and reactive as well as stable, smooth and homogenous. Its power is controllable, and the kite is not physical to handle. Whether you want to park it and ride freely for hours or send it throwing some big kiteloops, the BANDIT will deliver.

This year’s BANDIT exceeds expectations in terms of shape control. You will not be bothered by unwanted movements coming from the kite. Our new panel layout and our new trailing edge reinforcement allowed us to get a super sleek profile. This resulted in stability in flight never reached before, providing full confidence and unmatched performances. The work done on the skin tension in the canopy makes the balance between stability and manoeuvrability perfectly even.

Going upwind has never been so comfortable. This year again, we have worked on reducing the drag and creating positive forward momentum allowing you to stay even longer on the water.

The BANDIT 2021 is very light to fly yet has feedback incredibly direct. The kite consistently reacts to your demand, and you always know where it sits in the window. The turning of the BANDIT is quick and precise and remains controllable when depowered.

The jumping potential of this year’s model is insane. Offering explosive vertical lift the kite has plenty of floats to chuck in some boards off or old school moves. Loops are fast, and you will always find the line tension and pull you’re looking for. Just pull on the bar, and the BANDIT 2021 will generate power, fantastic kiteloops sensations and super smooth landings with no stalling.

The kite’s conception is exceptionally technical, and the result whilst riding is impressive. We have reached new levels of stability that makes riding comfortable and safe no matter the conditions. We managed to get away more homogenous experience from low to high wind range with each size of the range. It crosses over to disciplines like foiling and even wave riding super well.

After spending countless hours testing and developing prototypes, we are proud to release the new and improved 2021 BANDIT. Whether you are looking to send it, freeride for hours, or explore the waves, this kite will exceed all expectations.


  • Outstanding upwind efficiency
  • Optimised bar pressure: Concise and effortless response from the kite
  • Exceptional wind range: The new BANDIT performs remarkably in both low and high winds
  • Reduced lateral pull: Takes the quest for a ride without drag to new levels
  • Power and generous lift for massive kiteloops and big air boosts
  • Remarkable stability for an enjoyable and safe ride, even in the toughest conditions

For more information on F-ONE 2021 Bandit, please click here.

Bandit S2

The second edition of the BANDIT S, with major improvements to take wave riding, strapless freestyle or even foiling to the next level

Riot Curv Harness from ION

Win a Riot Curv Harness from ION this issue in our FREE subscriber prize draw.

Riot Curv Harness from ION

There are two separate BANDITS, however, the work done on the development share similarities. It is this year the case with the improved profile skin tension as well as the trailing edge construction and design.

The new vertical panel layout with its warp line orientation at the back of the profile and the new trailing edge design with our 135gr Dacron has improved a lot the control of the profile and the kite’s weight. This new profile offers very impressive stability and responsiveness which are essential features for wave riding. The traction and the control of the S2 are so homogenous in any wind condition and everywhere in the window. The BANDIT allows riding on impulse, which makes your ride more fluid.

Besides that work on the profile and stability, we have modified the outline of the Bandit S2. The centre strut is now shorter and the wingtips wider, the handling is now more reactive and the S2 is following closely your board’s turns. Every aspect of the design have been improved and the profile has been rethought. The leading edge has one more segment on the centre to set an even more clean C shape curve. We have removed one segment on the tips to make them sleeker.

The bar feeling has been tweaked to be even lighter and more precise to react instantly to your input.  When you are wavering and riding strapless you are constantly using the bar to adjust the power and the direction of your kite. That connection with your kite is essential and we always use the term: “bar feeling” but it is a lot more than this.

While working on the design of the new BANDIT S2 we have made major improvements on the steering, especially when sheeting out. Most of the time, when depowered, you are losing the tension of the back lines and so the steering control. It’s particularly noticeable in on-shore conditions where your kite need to change direction to follow each of your turns.

With the BANDIT S2, you will keep the control and precise steering on every inch of the bar’s throw without any strong pulling effect on your arms. Naturally your surfing skills, your transitions or jumps will improve thanks to the permanent control.

Power delivery feels exceptionally linear and progressive, with smooth depower that is highly intuitive allowing you to have a perfect balance and to focus on your surfing or tricks. It never surges in power if you send it back quickly through the window.The control and stability in overpowered conditions along with its impressive vertical lift is making as well the S2 a fantastic kite for strapless freestyle!

We have mainly worked on our testing with the 7m² and we were amazed how much wind we could handle. It was hard to believe we could surf with so much control, freedom and stability in that much wind. On some other days we could play in light wind effortlessly and less technic than usual, pull the bar and let the kite handle with the wind drops and gusts!

The BANDIT S2 is reactive, light and drivey making it the ideal kite for foiling. The stability of the S during the drift is a great help on a foil especially when your lines are slack during turns or carves.

The BANDIT S2 will please all the strapless riders out there. Highly responsive, intuitive and capable of super drift, enjoy the easy to fly nature of the kite and its impeccable handling in all conditions!


  • Exceptional stability and control
  • Total direct control of the steering anywhere on the bar throw
  • The firm, precise and ultra-light bar pressure.
  • Super smooth power delivery
  • Homogenous traction and amazing agility
  • Extended wind range

For more information on F-ONE 2021 Bandit S2, please click here.

Breeze V.3

The most user-friendly one strut kite on the market today, incredible light wind ability matched with complete ease of use.

Riot Curv Harness from ION

Win a Riot Curv Harness from ION this issue in our FREE subscriber prize draw.

Riot Curv Harness from ION


The BREEZE V3 is for anyone who wants a lightweight set up that offers incredible handling with great low-end performance. It is the perfect kite for light wind freeriding and foiling in any conditions. Thanks to its stability and lightweight, the Breeze can show off interesting performances in light wind wave riding too.

Across the range of sizes, the handling has been finely tuned; the larger sizes are even more responsive, making them perfect for manoeuvres. The smaller sizes are optimised to handle stronger winds with total speed control and great stability while foiling.


The BREEZE has a stable canopy when depowered, and the overall range of the kite is wide.

In the air, the BREEZE V3 is so intuitive to fly you can forget about the kite and concentrate on the riding. This unique characteristic makes it perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike.

The kite has also been designed to work with a low front V on the bar to untangle lines after those inevitable kite crashes.

The BREEZE V3 is available right now; if you want a lightweight, one-strut kite that can put a smile on your face in 8knots, the decision is easy, let’s get breezy!


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Unbeatable low wind performance
  •  Exceedingly stable, even when overpowered
  •  Total control with excellent bar feedback
  •  Great speed control on a foil
  •  Easy relaunch with reverse launch capabilities too

For more information on F-ONE 2021 Breeze V.3, please click here.

Diable V.5 – IKA Registered Equipment

Discover the new DIABLO V5, the kite which copes with any conditions so you can focus on your racing. After 18 months of testing with our top team riders, we are proud to present our Olympic registered kite.

For the development of the DIABLO V5, we took a lot of time analysing the current and possible future racing formats to determine what characteristics an Olympic race kite would require to get our rider to the top. As with all development, we looked hard at our previous kites, their strengths and weaknesses and how we could use all of our previous learning to move forward. With the DIABLO V5, enter the next level of performance.

We have for this model worked on a greater internal pressure, which means a super solid and stable kite dealing with high angles of attack and fast manoeuvring. The kite offers maximum performance with the highest stability. Its new, simple and clean technical design has reduced the weight of the DIABLO V5 compared to the V4. The new high-performance construction also reduces material stretch.

Using Technora bridles and a clever internal makeup, we have reduced the total bridles keeping the same strength with less drag. This improves your angles and therefore, your overall performances.

By removing the mesh over the vents, the V5 inflates much faster, and wingtips will pop out almost instantly. Our drainage system lets water and sand drain automatically.

Keeping up with the current racing the DIABLO V5 works brilliantly on very short lines giving you the maximum performance.

Using a new profile and arc, we have created a kite that can cope with any condition you throw at it so you can focus on the racing. VMG, speed after the manoeuvres, fantastic angles, get ready to reach your best performances on every course.

For more information on F-ONE 2021 Diable V.5, please click here.

ONE – School Kite

This kite is specifically designed for beginners and freeriders to progress in total safety.

Why does the ONE have what it takes to make your progression easier?


It’s rather round profile integrates 3 struts, which provides a lot of stability. We have particularly worked on the stability at the zenith to reassure the riders as much as possible.

The ONE provides a good presence in the bar so that you always have the feeling of being in control of your kite and not the other way around.

You are the master on board, and the ONE remains stable in the flying window.


Save time by flying the kite rather than relaunching; more time to ride is more fun. We have analysed all the phases of the relaunch to optimise them.

Phase 1, which is the “roll” from the full window position on the leading edge to moving on the side over the ear. Our Delta C-Shape works marvellously in this phase, and the ONE does it all by itself if there is enough wind. We have also made this phase easier in light wind conditions thanks to the support provided by the large wingtips together with the round outline of the ONE.

Phase 2, which is the relaunch after placing the kite on its side, was also improved especially in light wind. The lift and power on the sides of the ONE help to lift it out of the water and back up to the zenith.

This ends the times where the kite comes out of the water and falls inexorably due to lack of power. We have also worked on bringing the kite upright in case it is placed on its back with both tips in the air. This is a difficult position to correct and can cause line inversions. Thanks to the large wingtips and a slightly thinner leading edge in this area you can pull on a backline and bring the kite upright more often.

Power on demand

We know what a progressing kitesurfer needs: power on demand. The ONE features a bridle and profile that generates power for water starts and riding, but also a fast and efficient depower to always control your speed. When riding we have chosen enough bar support while avoiding stalling the kite and good harness support that stabilises and reassures the rider.

The ONE is at ease in all wind conditions and offers it’s pilot a huge depower, even when overpowered, it can handle gusts perfectly.


The ONE can undergo many take-offs and landings, rubbing on the sand, hitting the water, we have provided specific reinforcements so that your kite retains all its performance as long as possible.

Easy to use

Thanks to its unique valve for fast inflation and deflation. Intuitive, no adjustments needed, it’s plug and play. Everything has been thought out so that you don’t make mistakes when connecting the lines.


The large surfaces have been optimised to have better steering and therefore more manoeuvrability without losing power always to keep control of the kite. The small surfaces have gained stability while maintaining handling to reassure the rider as he/she progresses.


  • Easy to use: Intuitive, no adjustments to make, it’s plug and play
  • Durability: Reinforcements located in friction areas, reinforced construction. More solid to last over time.
  • Relaunch: Everything you need from the Delta Shape for a fast, simple and efficient relaunch
  • Flying: Perfectly balanced, the ONE retains a good amount of power and gives excellent feedback always to know where it is in the flight window.
  • 3 struts
  • The ONE has been developed with our expertise while fulfilling the specifications of beginners and experienced riders alike.

For more information on F-ONE 2021 ONE, please click here.

To view all F-ONE products, please click here.

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Italian/Egyptian Jen Tyler grew up on the sandy beaches of the Red Sea and has been on the IKSURFMAG & Tonic Mag team since 2017.

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