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Fluid Kiteboarding posted a photo
6 days ago

The saying goes - If it ain't Dutch it ain't much. When it comes to the Dutch sunsets skies we definitely agree!
@pieterkern5 on the new #fluidkiteboarding #egov8 #fluidkiteboardingmakesyoufly #kitesurfing #kiteboarding #kitesurfer #netherlands #beach #kitesurfen #kite #theskyisnotthelimit #ego #beachboy #summer

Fluid Kiteboarding posted a video
2 weeks ago

Get your Fluid Kiteboarding Blackseries 2020 now with free bidings, fins and handle!
Only available till 12 may 2019.

Fluid Kiteboarding posted a photo
2 weeks ago

This is what perfection looks like! Patrick is currently the only guy in the world with the #twoseven #blackseries in red color. How epic is this combo with the sky v2.
#fluidkiteboardingmakesyoufly #fluidkiteboarding #kitesurfing #kite #kitesurfen #kiteboard #kitesurfer #kitesurfen #netherlands #15to50knots #kiteblend #kiteworld #kiteground #kiter

Fluid Kiteboarding posted a link
3 weeks ago

We are running low on Green flakes! Make sure to preorder your Twoseven Blackseries 2020 in Green color today if you want it!


Fluid Kiteboarding posted a link
4 weeks ago

Finally after testing for 2 years we can finally announce! The Fluid Kiteboarding Twoseven - Blackseries 2020!
Gilion Fluid kiteboarding signature board has been recreated! A key word is UNIQUENESS. We're making 100% unique boards for every single one of you out there!

New features
- Basalt fibre
- Coloured Flakes
- Unicorn dust layer (haaaaaaaaaaaa?)
- 3D shapes
And much much more!

You can now pre-order it at the Fluid kiteboarding Shop!

Fluid Kiteboarding updated their cover photo.
Fluid Kiteboarding updated their cover photo.
4 weeks ago

After 2 years of testing and developing we can finally announce a new Twoseven is on it's way!

in 1 word we can tell your new board is UNIQUE!
Not 1 board in this lineup will be exactly like the board before.

Can't wait?
Pre-order it in our WEBSHOP between 25-4 and 5-5 2019


Fluid Kiteboarding posted a video
1 month ago

The perfect setup to own the skies! #fluidkiteboardingmakesyoufly #twoseven #sky #fluidkiteboarding #kitesurfing #travel #beach #skylife #theskyisnotthelimit #kite #kitesurfing #kiteboarder #kitesurfer shot by @nielswaalewijn

Fluid Kiteboarding posted a video
1 month ago

Just give us a minute! Seems like @gilionfluidkiteboarding has been playing to much 🎮. Combinations are crazy - one footer, handslide, air transition, no handed backroll 😍
#fluidkiteboardingmakesyoufly #kitesurfing #kiteboarding #tricks #kitesurfer #kiteboarding #kiteblend #kiteworld #15to50knots #kitesurf #kiteground #letskitesurf #letskite #fluidkiteboarding #beach #tricks

Fluid kiteboarding is a high quality kitesurfing brand. With amazing prices and high quality products. Developed in The Netherlands
- Fluid kiteboarding
This is the international Fluid kiteboarding official facebook page, here you'll find information about Fluid kiteboarding ,products, pictures & videos and much more. Fluid kiteboarding is a kitesurfing brand that has been around from 2007. High quality products with development a R&D team in Europe. Our products are available worldwide with our dealers and distributors.

High quality kitesurf equipment at a fair price! That is what fluid kiteboarding is all about. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us a message.

We hope you enjoy our products and services.
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Great price, Great quality = less time working = More time having fun!
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