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6 months ago

Throwback to Fluid Kiteboarding's Gilion Goveia 2019 highlights  - Part 1: Storm session!

7 months ago

After 2 years of development and testing, check out Fluid Kiteboarding's ultimate freestyle / big air board - check it out!

7 months ago

Fluid kiteboarding's SKY v3 is here! Developed by Gilion Goveia, the SKY v3 delivers high performance boosting on demand. Due to its aerodynamic wing shape…


Fluid kiteboarding is a high quality kitesurfing brand. With amazing prices and high quality products. Developed in The Netherlands - Fluid kiteboarding This is the international Fluid kiteboarding official facebook page, here you'll find information about Fluid kiteboarding ,products, pictures & videos and much more. Fluid kiteboarding is a kitesurfing brand that has been around from 2007. High quality products with development a R&D team in Europe. Our products are available worldwide with our dealers and distributors. High quality kitesurf equipment at a fair price! That is what fluid kiteboarding is all about. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us a message. We hope you enjoy our products and services. Fluid kiteboarding Kites Fluid kiteboarding Great price, Great quality = less time working = More time having fun! 2007 Brand ££££

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