Fluid Kiteboarding TwoSeven Jungle Ltd 136 x 41cm 2021 Kitesurfing Review

Fluid Kiteboarding TwoSeven Jungle Ltd 136 x 41cm 2021

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At A Glance

The Twoseven LTD Jungle series is an all-round board that allows riders to land their first jump, cruise upwind or even go through the chop on a wavey day. The board is a limited edition spin on the much-loved standard Twoseven Black series 2020 big-air machine from Fluid. The most striking change is the design compared to the standard Twoseven. This in turn is one of the most eye-catching things and makes the board have an exceptionally unique design. The palm leaves, flamingos, and silver flakes are not like anything we have seen before, and they look even better when in the water!

Previous iterations of the Twoseven had a full wood construction. However, this year the construction of this board is different. It is made of full wood core and basalt fibre made from volcanic rock, which is a new innovative construction from Fluid Kiteboarding. The basalt fibre allows increased strength and decreased stiffness. This seriously upgrades the rider experience in terms of the soft landings and increasing the pop, as more energy can be held and released within the basalt fibres. Also, the Twoseven has a 3D top design and staged rocker, with a small concave and pronounced dual grip channels. The shape outline of the board has not changed compared to the standard Twoseven, which means that it is UV proof (great for longevity) and has spray reduction tips.

Sizes: 134x40.5cm, 136x41cm

On The Water

The first thing I realised when I got onto the water with this board is how soft the board felt. Coming from someone with dodgy knees, this is greatly appreciated! This applies to the extremely soft landings that this board gave, due to the advanced flex which is incorporated into the basalt fibre base. The board has just about as good a pop as any board on the market, meaning tricks felt so easy to do. For a beginner starting to learn basic pops, this board is a must because of the soft landings. Once I did a couple of jumps on this board, I found myself downwind and I was worried about how it would go upwind as the wind was a bit on the lighter side. However, as soon as I edged the board, it tracked upwind super well because of the dual channels. The channels combined with the G10 Asymmetrical cupped 3.5 cm fins offer an abundance of speed control to the board.

The shape for the new Twoseven has not changed from last year, which means that the spray reduction tips haven’t been removed! This causes almost no spray to flick up from the surface, which is a huge benefit as you don’t get blurred vision and sore eyes from the salty water during the session! Additionally, the board is very light, which helps with transporting it and gives the impression that it's not there when you are riding it, which is awesome. The Feather Lite foot straps that I used on the board were a breeze to set up and extremely comfortable, further adding to the feeling that the board is not there when riding it!


The Twoseven Jungle LTD series is a super fun all round board that accommodates for everyone. The new basalt base creates easy pop and smooth, soft landings. The board is very responsive which allows more experienced riders to use it for big air or freestyle tricks. The board is made with real quality, amazing graphics, very comfortable foot straps and even gold in it. I would recommend the Twoseven Jungle LTD to just about everyone out there!

This review was in Issue 86 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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