Best Kitesurfing Video of 2018

Best Kitesurfing Video of 2018

Readers Awards 2018

3 years ago

One of the most popular snow kite videos from 2018 was this edit from the Ride Up crew. There is nothing quite like towing yourself…

3 years ago

The adventure of a lifetime? Cat Island in the Bahamas looks absolutely stunning; Charlotte Consorti shares all its beauty in this gorgeous edit! Travel videos…

3 years ago

Fly Fisch cruising the Mediterranean Sea on his hydrofoil was strangely hypnotic last year, foiling certainly goes well with drone footage that’s for sure, but…

3 years ago

Last year, Megan Grant took a light-hearted look at the reality of kiteboarding vs the dream often posted on social media by many of her…

3 years ago

“That kid has got some balls!” as Richard Branson said… Nick Jacobsen is no stranger you most of you and his film documenting the incredible…

3 years ago

There is nothing cooler than teaching your kids to kitesurf, and when your dad is none other than world champion Mitu Monterio the results are…

3 years ago

Dreamland hit the ground running in May and showcased Keahi de Aboitiz, and Moona Whyte get shredding the best waves that Oahu has to offer.…

3 years ago

The F-One team head to Cape Verde and the Island of Sal armed with an arsenal of foil shaped weapons to take on the waves.…

3 years ago

This is NUTS! Joshua Emanuel scored a rare south windstorm in Ras Sudr, Egypt. With winds gusting up to 40 knots, Joshua grabbed his 9m…

3 years ago

‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles’ follows Tom Hebert, Lewis Crathern, Reno Romeu and the Rebel on a road trip of a lifetime in New…

3 years ago

Paula Novotna and Laci Kobulsky teamed up and went on an adventure to Zanzibar, and they have the video to prove how incredible it actually…

3 years ago

Kevin Langeree always makes his way to our top videos list, and KEVVLOG #227 has a well-deserved spot! Watch Kevin Langeree, Lasse Walker and Gijs…

3 years ago

In this video, Steven Akkersdijk shares the best spots he discovered in Portugal; flatwater freestyle sessions, surfing, cable park, camping, you name it; Portugal has…

3 years ago

It’s not all about golden sandy beaches and board shorts and bikinis, there are fantastic kitesurfing conditions waiting for you all over the globe, even…

3 years ago

Jalou Langeree is no stranger to adventure and an absolute shredder on the waves. Last year, she heard tales of clear water and empty line-ups,…

3 years ago

We don’t like to throw the word ‘legendary’ around that easily, but in this case, it’s hard not to! Check out Matchu Lopes video from…

3 years ago

Keahi de Aboitiz is no stranger to some of the best waves on the planet, and he scored Cloudbreak at its best last year. With…


We publish movies for you to enjoy every day, which was your favourite one from last year? We’ve got the nominations in order; all that is left is for you to cast your vote for the best kitesurfing video of 2018. There were some incredible films released last year, which one was your favourite? Vote for the Best Kitesurfing Video right here!

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