Daniela Moroz

Daniela Moroz

Pro Rider

9 months ago

Learn more about Lauriane Nolot, Axel Mazella, and Daniela Moroz decision to skip the Europeans in Portsmouth as they share their thoughts.

2 years ago

To commemorate the fact that she is almost finished with school, Flysurfer team rider, 5x Formula Kite World Champion & 3x US Rolex Yachtswoman of...

2 years ago

Training for the 2024 Olympics isn't the only thing Daniela Moroz has been up to! Check out her latest wingfoiling tutorial on how to tack:...

3 years ago

The US’s Daniela Moroz closed out a remarkable five titles in a row at the Formula Kite World Championships on the Italian island of Sardinia,...

3 years ago

It's the biggest event on the IKA KiteFoil World Series calendar for 2021! In picturesque Poetto Bay, the world's fastest foilers will take to the...

3 years ago

Top racers battle for the prized Formula Kite European Championship on the waters off Montpellier’s Villeneuve Les-Maguelone beach, southern France. Find out how it played...

3 years ago

Check out the Kite Foil World Series 2021 10 min recap video in case you missed the action!

3 years ago

Four-time kite racing World Champion Daniela Moroz took a year off to get her mojo back. After the stress of competition, constant training, non-stop travel...

3 years ago

Ready, set, go! Check out the KiteFoil World Series 2021 Gizzeria Day 1 Highlights, right here!

3 years ago

With so much buzz around the Formula Kite European Championships, we almost missed the start of the sailing series across the pond in the USA!...

4 years ago

It's history in the making for Italy, Sardinia and the territory of Oristano. From 13th to 18th October 2020, it will take place the first...

5 years ago

After a stop-start week of competition, on finals day, there was no holding back for American Daniela Moroz, who stormed to victory in the women’s...

Issue 96

On The Fly is your place to catch up on the latest news in the kiteboarding industry! Who’s winning World Championships? What’s happening downunder? What’s the latest in materials innovation? Why are so many extreme kiters Dutch? And.. what on earth is a Quobba?! It’s all right here! Stay in the know with On The Fly!

2 years ago
Issue 91

A brand born in Bavaria that was, and still is, ahead of its time; we check in with FLYSURFER on their 20th anniversary! Find out where it all began, the highs and lows of the past 20 years, and what the future holds in this interview with FLYSURFER Head of Marketing Christoph Hesina!

2 years ago
Issue 89

The Olympics are coming, and the race is on! With riders battling it out on the racecourse and brands toiling away behind the scenes to create the fastest foils in the world, Paris 2024 is sure to be an epic event. Learn more about the world of racing in this exclusive article!

3 years ago

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