Mystic Legend 5/3mm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

Mystic Legend 5/3mm 2015

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The Legend is a new suit for Mystic for this year, it’s their highest spec suit and is basically the Rolls Royce of wetsuits in their range. The biggest news is their new Quick Dry lining, this is used on the inside of the suit and it ensures that your suit drains water much faster than traditional linings. This means that after a long session on the water, your suit will drain out any water that got in really quickly allowing you to jump into a dry suit for the next session.

In addition to this new material the Legend features 100% M-Flex neoprene, their most flexible material, combined with 100% waterproof internal taping on the inside of the suit. There are Aquaflush panels on the ankles, as well as straps to stop any flushing of water when you land big tricks.

The Legend is a front zip suit; this keeps it flexible in the back and of course stops any water from entering through a back zip. There is a Glideskin neck for comfort and the suit also features a Polygiene lining which uses natural silver salt to provide an antimicrobial layer that is environmentally friendly.

Putting the suit on is a little like climbing into an inside out teddy bear, the new quick dry lining is super fluffy and super toasty. The suit is a little stiffer with this lining than the Majestic, which we reviewed last year, but it is warmer and the quick dry lining, is rather magical. Hang it up for a couple of hours and it ceases to be a chore to put on, ‘dryer than Ghandi’s flip-flop’ was one phrase used by the test team.

When you are on the water though, you will have a job getting the inside of the suit wet, the seals at the ankles, wrists and neck are superb and even after a two hour session the majority of the inside of the suit was bone dry. An element of that could be attributed to the new lining, as the suit dries whilst you wear it. Obviously all of this comes at a price, but it’s only a little more than the excellent Majestic suit, so if you value warmth above all else, then the Legend is the suit to buy.

This review was in Issue 47 of IKSURFMAG.

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