ION Products Onyx Amp 4/3mm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

ION Products Onyx Amp 4/3mm 2015

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For 2015 the ION range of kitesurfing suits have been split into two distinct styles, the front zip Onyx range and the back zip Strike line. Like the Strike range the Onyx series features three different levels, the Onyx Select, Onyx Amp and regular Onyx, and there are a multitude of options within the range.

It is worth noting the Onyx series features a 6/5 suit with built in hood in both the Select and Amp ranges. These would offer the ultimate in warmth should you want to keep riding right through the winter. We decided to check out the 4/3mm Onyx Amp, perhaps not a typical choice for winter, but with modern wetsuit technologies, could this suit keep us warm and flexible for the next few months at least?

The suit features “S Seals” throughout, the super warm Hot Stuff lining on the inside and new L-Tex protection on the knees. Kite specific features are the Crash Padz on the shins, drain holes and ankle straps to stop leg ballooning, and Ninja Knee panels to improve flexibility.

The neoprene on the Onyx Amp is incredibly soft and flexible; it’s like a second skin when you pull the suit on. The Hot Stuff lining is very comfortable next to your skin and, as the name suggests, very warm. Whilst it is only a 4/3mm suit it is still very warm, with very little water ingress. The neck and wrist seals are particularly good and we experienced hardly any flushing even during the heaviest of wipe-outs.

If you want to ride right through the winter you’ll be looking towards the 5/5 and 6/5mm versions of this suit. However, if you hate wearing lots of neoprene and want to cling on to that summer suit feeling for as long as possible the 4/3 will offer unparalleled flexibility and good warmth for the Autumn and Spring months

This review was in Issue 47 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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