Prolimit Pure Oxygen 6/4mm 2012 Kitesurfing Review

Prolimit Pure Oxygen 6/4mm 2012

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At A Glance

The Pure Oxygen is the high-end suit in the Prolimit ladies ‘Pure’ range. It’s been designed specifically for kitesurfing so is flexible in all the right places, has leg drainage holes to get rid of any unwanted liquid in the suit and features Velcro cuffs at the ankle to prevent that icy winter water from shooting up your leg. (Remember to undo them before you start getting changed though, as it becomes a Houdini-esque challenge to get the suit off otherwise!)
A smooth skin neoprene layer on the chest prevents wind-chill to your core and if the temperature really plummets or, like me, you’re a cold blooded creature, then the suit is also ‘heater vest ready’ which makes it compatible with one of the other gems on offer from Prolimit.

On The Water

When initially putting on the suit I was pleasantly surprised at how flexible it was, particularly when you consider that it’s a 6/4mm! The wetsuit is a good womens cut, and it’s worth noting that the size range also includes a ‘T’ option for those who are a bit taller and longer in the arms and legs. It fitted perfectly with no gaping areas and nice tight seals round the wrists and ankles – the drainage holes working well to stop balloon legs. The 5 way flex knee and overall design of the suit for suppleness certainly benefits kiters and I didn’t feel restricted at all.
A very well thought-out wetsuit, with some good features. High-quality materials combine with the kitesurf specific design and excellent fit to make a suit worthy of tackling the coldest of winters!

This review was in Issue 30 of IKSURFMAG.


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By Mary Booth
Mary has been kitesurfing since 2006, she became and instructor in 2007 and travelled the world teaching the sport that she loves! She joined the IKSURFMAG team in 2008 and has been testing ladies kitesurfing equipment and writing articles from a woman's perspective ever since!

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