Cabrinha FX 12m 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha FX 12m 2017

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At A Glance

Featuring again in the 2017 Cabrinha lineup is the popular FX, the big air/freestyle kite that leaves you wanting more time on the water. The modified c shape arc, 3-strut design along with its boxier tips and new leading edge profile give the FX the ability to boost high and loop fast while remaining stable. The FX also comes with some great unhooked characteristics plus it is responsive and fast turning with precise user feedback on the bar.

One significant change for the FX as well as other kites within the Cabrinha range is the introduction of Pure Profile Panels, here extra panels have been added to the canopy to refine the aerodynamic flow across the kite. A refined aerodynamic flow will increase performance thus making the kite faster through the sky. We also see an increase in stability. Other design features for 2017’s FX include Cabrinha’s Skeletal frame, 2DR double rip stop and the Sprint Airlock inflation system. Not to forget the usual wingtip and rear line adjustments for those who like to customise their ride! For this year it is safe to say Cabrinha have put the time and effort into making a kite that doesn't just perform well its built to last many windy sessions!

The FX comes in 3 cracking colourways to ensure your rocking the FX that suits you.

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14m

The Bar

While the FX can be flown on any bar in the Cabrinha 2017 control system range including those with the Fireball connection system, we would suggest that riders looking to unhook go for the Quickloop options with either the Recoil or Trimlite configurations.

We took the FX out on the 1X Quickloop Trimlite control system. Sometimes simplicity is key. With the 1X Quickloop Trimlite bar, everything you see is simple, there is, however, some nifty tech used to keep important safety lines and excess clutter out of your way. You’ll notice the centre line is singular, with the safety line integrated. The trim system is cleaned up by using a bungee line, keeping the risk of a tangled line at bay.

The bar isn't likely to give you sore hands with its super soft grip, and the bar ends not only float but are soft enough to grab when learning or making slight mistakes when unhooking.

The built in swivel ensures it’s easy to untwist any centre line mayhem ensuring the single line re-ride will always slide through. The single line re-ride system allows for full depower of your kite in seconds, just push away the 1X safety release. Easy reset of the system lets you get more time on the water.

In The Air

The FX is just one of those kites, you get out, start grinning and at the end of your session your cheeks hurt. An absolute weapon!

With the FX we’re looking at something that has an incredibly high potential for you as a rider. However, it does also come with a lot of user-friendly traits. Being solid as a rock above your head builds confidence ahead of those loop attempts. The water relaunch is incredible; the bridled modified c shape design allows the kite to roll over with ease, even for a 12m. The large depower range of the FX makes time on the water smooth like butter.

When it comes to going big or looping a 12m kite we all know it's never that special, until today. The 12m FX has enough forward drive to whip through loops and fire you into the air even on those lighter wind days; it's phenomenal! If this is the performance we’re getting on a 12m FX, we’d love to get out on the 6m! While looping it climbs fast and has minimal stall through the centre. When you want to go big, it provides a smooth yet exhilarating boost.

A perfect stepping stone towards full C riding the FX provides massive amounts of slack when performing unhooked moves. Just load it and off you go.

Direct turning and ultra responsive feedback are essential when looking at going big or smashing new freestyle moves. The FX has them both. The reactive feel on the bar combined with fast turning and air speed lets you position it at ease. You can also adjust the A - B wingtip settings along with the rear pigtails to tailor the setup to suit your style.


Incredible boosting, looping and unhooking machine. Very well built, robust construction. Great addition to anyone’s quiver.


One thing we would like to see available for kites like the FX, especially in smaller sizes is a slightly shorter freestyle dedicated bar. For those who want to unhook in any conditions, this is often preferred.


The 2017 Cabrinha FX is most certainly worth checking out; it’s such a fun kite to ride. However you want to play on the day whether it be unhooking, hooked freestyle, boosting or looping the FX is waiting for you. It’s jammed with innovative technologies and made with high-end materials to gain a solid, robust construction. If your wanting to take your kiting to the next level, experimenting with bigger boosts, kite loops, your first unhooked moves or even wanting an upgrade that can handle everything you throw at it, the FX is for you.


This review was in Issue 58 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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