Nobile Kiteboarding NHP 137 x 44cm 2013 Kitesurfing Review

Nobile Kiteboarding NHP 137 x 44cm 2013

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At A Glance

NHP stands for Nobile High Performance, it is the successor to the very popular 666 board that they released when they first burst onto the market all those years ago. The board has changed a lot since then and this 2013 version is very different to last years model. It features an asymmetric outline with a longer heel edge than toe edge, the base is heavily channelled and the board itself is packed with some of their most advanced technology. The NHP features Pre-Stress, Hydrodynamics, Anti Vibration and Honeycomb construction to name but a few. It is their top of the range model and aimed at the progressive free rider and freestyler looking for the best performance in a board.

On the Water

The 137 is a large board, almost alarmingly so on the beach, I usually ride a 134 x 42 as a standard size for me at 6’2” and 80 kilos. I’ve long been a preacher about bigger boards offering better performance, but was the Nobile to be a light wind machine or could it hold it’s own on the windy days? The answer is quite simple; it’s bloody fantastic, I really didn’t notice the extra size, although without comparing it to the 134x42 it would be hard to say which is ultimately better for me. But the board was great when the wind was up, fast, responsive and never felt too big, I just forgot about the numbers on the deck and enjoyed the ride. The other thing that concerned me initially was how well it would ride on the toeside, with the asymmetric plan form. It rode really well, and once again I never really noticed the somewhat outlandish shape, except when I leant it up against a wall. In the confused chop of Cape Town the board held it’s own too, the ride is smooth and there was no water spray whatsoever. Pop was impressive, no doubt aided by the large size being able to create some serious resistance in the water. Of course the size lends itself to excelling in light winds too, plenty of area to get you up and going.


A strange looking craft the NHP might be, but it performs at a level far beyond its kooky shape, so the guys at Nobile have done a great job! Loving the finish and attention to detail, the straps and pads are world class and the pop and speed is fantastic.


This review was in Issue 37 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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