F-ONE Kiteboarding Signature 5’8 2016 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Signature 5’8 2016

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At A Glance

The Signature series of boards have been in the F-One line up for a few years now. These carving machines are the favourite piece of hardware for Raphael Salles to go and shred the waves. While the Mitu Pro Model might catch the limelight, the Signature should not be overlooked. Built using the new HD Foam Composite technology the board offers great flex while being exceedingly strong too.

A quad fin set up delivers plenty of drive both upwind and when carving on the wave and new for this year is an improved rocker line and a new bottom shape that sees a concave at the front develop into a V at the rear. The board also features the Camel Deck, which allows better contact with your foot and a heel shock absorber to keep things comfortable.

The Signature uses a quad fin set up for extra drive!

The Signature uses a quad fin set up for extra drive!

On the Water

The 5’8” is a pocket rocket on the water, fast and smooth through the chop this board will suit the smaller rider looking for a high-performance weapon on the waves. For 2016, the team wanted to make this board more user-friendly and have a little more versatility. Previously it was highly regarded as a great board for fast, powerful waves, but since we don’t all get to ride One Eye all the time the new shape aims to enable it to handle sub-par conditions with ease.

“The new bottom shape is where the magic happens…”

The new bottom shape is where the magic happens, the more pronounced V at the rear improves the rail-to-rail carving ability, helps with upwind performance, but also makes the board even smoother through the chop. If you are looking for a classic surfboard feel, then the Signature comes very close to that, especially with the flex and construction techniques used. It is however far more durable than a traditional board and has a more kitesurfing orientated shape to it with less volume than you would find on a traditional surfboard to help keep control in windy conditions.

The new bottom shape has a concave up front and more V in the tail.

The new bottom shape has a concave up front and more V in the tail.

On the wave the board is smooth and controlled, a feature welcomed when the waves are fast and choppy. The short dimensions allow you to crank the Signature through the turns and the grip and drive offered here is immense. Expect to be slashing those waves and chucking buckets with the best of them!


Often overlooked in favour of the Mitu Pro Model, if you want a board that is smoother through the chop, can handle anything you throw at it, including 20 foot One Eye, and rip big powerful turns on the wave, the Signature is well worth a look. Sometimes the simple more classic shapes are the ones that work the best!


This review was in Issue 54 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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