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North just launched their 2024 KiteFoil Collection and NEW Code Zero, and we’ve got all the details right here!

The 2024 Kitefoil collection from North lands effortlessly between wind and water, between kite and foil, and between worlds. Discover refined performance, intuitive technology and handling so effortless that your most brutal move will be choosing your foilboard and front wings.

The Code Zero kite is engineered using lighter weight, lower elongation N-Max Dacron for crisp response, more direct steering and more dynamic recovery. Our lightest kite yet, the single-strut Code Zero has a playful and agile feel with dynamic steering. For 2024, we’ve revised the bridle and improved TE tensioning for a smoother, more efficient design with responsive power delivery in all conditions.

“Effortless and fluid manoeuvrability in even the most subtle conditions. The Code Zero is essential to my quiver so that even the most unexpected days can be harnessed to the fullest.” – Jesse Richman.

New Code Zero

Majestic X Harness

Win a Majestic X Harness this issue in our FREE subscriber prize draw.

Majestic X Harness

The Code Zero is a highly efficient kite with a wide wind range and impressive power delivery for a one-strut kite – so you can ride lighter wind conditions with a smaller kite. For 2024, we’ve updated the Code.

Zero with a newly revised harness for a more rigid feel, lighter bar pressure, more direct steering response and added stability. We’ve optimised the angle of attack in the wingtip and improved the tension in the trailing edge for smoother aerodynamics and reduced flutter. We’ve also introduced three new sizes to the range: 6, 8 and 10m.

If there were one kite I would be stuck on an island with, it would be the Code Zero. It’s powerful, light, and flies in absolutely everything. It’s simple one-strut, and four-line design takes all the faff away. It’s quick to pump up and get on the water, plus I beat my brother downwind on it the other day (that’s why it’s my favourite kite). – Tom Bridge

For more information on North’s new Code Zero, please click here.

Scoop Mini Performance Kite Foilboard

When we designed the Scoop Mini, we wanted to craft a board to perform a single task to the highest standard possible. Instead of trying to do everything, we’ve focused on the essentials. The Scoop Mini is a direct, responsive, high-performance kite foilboard for more advanced riders. It features a compact, ultralight hybrid carbon construction with durable, high-density core.

“The Scoop Mini is a big part of my dream foil setup; it’s fast, agile, and provides a seamless connection between you and your foil. One cool aspect of kitefoiling is swapping the front wings and getting a different ride. But you never really need to change your kite foil board. The Scoop is easy to travel with and all you could ever want for every style of kite foiling.”- Jesse Richman

For more information on North’s Scoop Mini, please click here.

Scoop Wake/Kite/Tow Foilboard

A versatile, direct and responsive performance foilboard with instant touchdown recovery. The Scoop features an intuitive concave deck for smooth transitions and easy steering. The lightweight Hybrid Carbon construction is engineered with a structurally reinforced core for impact resistance and rigidity.

Combined with its forgiving hull shape, this durable construction makes the Scoop ideal for Freeride and Freestyle foiling. For 2024, we’ve re-engineered the Scoop with a triplane hull design for earlier takeoffs and faster release. The angled-planing surfaces, refined rocker and finer bevelled rails give the board a more balanced, forgiving touchdown recovery on more variable angles.

For more information on North’s Scoop, please click here.

Majestic X Harness

Win a Majestic X Harness this issue in our FREE subscriber prize draw.

Majestic X Harness

Sense Kite/Wake Foilboard

Step up your foiling game with roll to ride water starts, magic glide, fast set up and fuss-free travelling. The Sense delivers strength and performance in a lightweight and durable wood core construction. Even on the lightest wind days, this board is your gateway to new adventures.

Find out more here.

Sonar Foil System

New Sonar MA850v2 Front Wing

The new MA850 V2 gets up early and goes fast. Highly agile, it retains a locked-in feel for upwind and powered riding and is pitch-stable across the speed range.

Find out more here.

HA550/HA650/HA750 Front Wings

The smaller HA550-HA1050 have less planing surface and higher stall speed. They are designed to generate maximum efficiency and lift for high-speed wing foiling, racing, and kite foiling.

Find out more here.

New Free / Free-Lo / Free-V / Free-V LO Foilboard Straps STRAPS

The Free Straps, lightweight cushioned straps featuring seamless KnitFlex inners, let you customise your fit and stance, centreline, offline or v-strap setups.

Find out more here.

New CF95 Carbon Mast MAST

The new CF95 mast is designed for use with higher aspect foils, kitefoiling, and when conditions are rougher and there is more chop.

Find out more here.

To view the complete North collection, please click here.

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