North Kiteboarding has just released the Astra, Flex-LX, & Trace. We have all the details right here for you!

The Astra
Freeride / Big Air

Playful yet powerful, the Astra is a bold all-terrain addition to our freeride quiver, delivering out-of-this-world performance to lighter riders. Often lighter-weight riders find it harder to control large, stiff boards designed for heavyweights. With this in mind, we set out to create a board with more responsive flex for riders with a smaller build – one that would deliver increased control in a range of conditions, greater comfort and softer landings without sacrificing performance. Astra’s smaller board length, narrower stance and basalt technology construction provide riders of all levels just the right amount of flex for controlled edging, boosts and loops.

Its consistent, dependable rail grip gives you extra confidence to push boundaries as you load up for massive jumps. With its super-efficient bottom shape and rocker, the board feels fast through the water and flies upwind. The medium flex is dense enough to deliver clean and powerful pop yet soft enough to forgive your knees and legs on harder landings. Sending it was never this easy.


  • Optimised for lighter-weight riders
  • Enhanced edge control
  • Narrower stance
  • Medium-high outline curve with NEW tip shape
  • Progressive rocker with pulled-in tips
  • Single concave centre to quad channel tips
  • Dynamic flex
  • New centreline inserts for extended rail longevity
  • Stainless M6 standardised hardware
  • Integrated Grab Rail
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • 40mm fins included
  • Recommended with Flex / Flex LX bindings
  • 40mm fins included
  • Recommended with flex bindings

For more information on North Kiteboarding’s Astra, please click here.

The Trace
Freeride Lightwind

Light wind? No problem. The Trace has a progressive straight, square outline and large surface area for early planning and upwind performance in the lightest winds. A Centre-V Spine and longitudinal quad channels provide balanced torsional stiffness, superb traction and more control. The progressive medium-low rocker is ideal for flatwater. It also enables phenomenal pop for lightwind tricks and transitions and surprising manoeuvrability for its size.

Pair the Trace with our Reach 13/15/17m to maximise your ride time in the lightest of winds.


  • New FlipTech centreline strap inserts for longer rail life
  • Early planning and superior upwind performance
  • Centre V-Spine and longitudinal quad channels
  • Phenomenal pop for lightwind tricks and transitions
  • Ideal for use with the 13/15/17m Reach
  • Balanced rocker outline and flex
  • Lightweight impact resistant eco core
  • Durable ABS rail
  • Stainless M6 standardised hardware
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 40mm Fins included
  • FlipTech Mounting System

For more information on North Kiteboarding’s Trace, please click here.

TwinTip Bindings

Cushioning. Support. Shock absorption.

The all-new 2023 Flex LX have a sense of luxury that speaks to the perfect balance between performance and design. Engineered to help absorb and disperse impact after gravity-defying boosts, with triple-density dynamic support technology to protect your heels and guarantee softer landings. We’ve added structure and stability with a more contoured footbed and ramped chassis for improved fit and increased lateral support. Outer-angled heel inserts ensure your foot rolls properly, providing a stable landing and protecting your knees and ankles when loading up to release into the air. The GripFlex lightweight, rubberized EVA inner maintains grip underfoot when wet, while the fine grip pattern helps keep you locked in on various angles, preventing your foot from sliding out of the binding. We’ve refined the adjustable injection-Velcro top flap to provide a strong yet flexible hold. The strap has a soft foam and KnitFlex seamless lining with split-Velcro fastenings. These provide custom comfort and allow your foot to shuffle more easily into a locked-in position.

For your ultimate fit, ensure enough room for your toes to stretch and flex, and ensure the strap doesn’t slip or rub. The upper should feel secure but not too tight, and the footbed should match the shape of your foot.

The Flex LX are compatible with our new 2023 FlipTech centreline and 2020-2022 offline TwinTip mounting systems. Industry-standard screw spacings ensure they can also be fitted to other boards.


  • Four sizes to ensure a personalised fit
  • New contoured footbed with triple density EVA foam
  • Increased support and comfort
  • Adjustable top-loading footstrap with Flex Adjustors
  • Stance options to support small to a wide stance
  • Standard setting debossed on chassis
  • Adjustable top-loading footstrap
  • Stance options to support small to a wide stance
  • Standard setting debossed on chassis
  • Use setting I for 2020-2022 TwinTips
  • Use setting II for 2023 TwinTips
  • Ramped toe bar
  • Footpad canted inwards
  • Optimised strap adjustment options
  • Split inner velcro straps
  • Top loading
  • Standardised M6 screw hardware
  • 6-inch screw spacing

For more information on North Kiteboarding’s FLEX LX, please click here.

Designer Notes: Flex LX 2023

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