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5 months ago

Episode 1 is OUT! Join the North crew, including Jesse, Nick, Marc and Karlie behind the scenes in the Freeride section of their Philippines trip!...

5 months ago

Enjoy 14 days in the Philippines while warm Amihan trades blow constantly side-onshore. Join the North team as they navigate the islands on bangka boats,...

10 months ago

We ride free. We push against constraint, limitation, and anything that fences us in. There is only one North. #RunFlyBe - Embracing its North Sails...

1 year ago

Sessions with Karlie and Mika!

2 years ago

Brazil is going off right now, and Karlie Thoma is on the scene to grab her share of the solid big air conditions. Check out...

2 years ago

Watch the Neom Qatar Airways GKA Freestyle-Kite World Cup Neom 2022 Day 2 highlights here! The Brazilians look fine-tuned on day two, but can they...

2 years ago

North Kiteboarding has just released the Astra, Flex-LX, & Trace. We have all the details right here for you! The Astra Freeride / Big Air...

2 years ago

The team at North are stoked to announce the launch of the new Orbit, Atmos Carbon, Atmos Hybrid, Astra and Flex LX and we've got...

2 years ago

Get your Big Air fix with this GKA Big Air Womens Recap video, featuring World Champ Capucine Delannoy, Karlie Thoma, and Bruna Kajiya. It was...