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2 years ago

The final GKA Big Air World Championship lineup has been announced! The riders have qualified to compete across four disciplines: twin-tip / strapless / hydrofoil....

2 years ago

Don't be afraid to run with it. — Karlie Thoma. You might be drawn to foiling because it gives back a direct connection to nature...

2 years ago

It's #WipeoutWednesday and Karlie Thoma deserves the post!

2 years ago

Whooop  -Drumroll please! Karlie Thoma officially joins Mystic. Hailing from Maui, Karlie has cemented herself as one of the most bad-ass female kiters on the...

2 years ago

It’s HERE, North Kiteboarding’s nimble and easy to ride kite. For 2022, North have introduced a new lighter Dacron exoskeleton in every size and revised...

2 years ago

Ouchhhh! This is what happens when I don’t commit 100% - Karlie Thoma

2 years ago

“What do I love most about kiting? The flying part. I like being in the air. It’s an expression of myself. I feel like I...

5 years ago

King of the Air, Kevin Langeree invites us once again to join the Maui Kite Fest for their second annual kiteboarding festival on June 1nd...

8 years ago

Drop the Naish crew on a remote island for a kiting recon mission during the windiest weekend of the year and what’s caught on film...