New video alert! Pablo Amores is a multi-talented athlete who has been chasing wind and waves with his kite, wing, and surfboard. He found a little something special along the way…

From little things, from the mountains and the forest, from the oceans and wildlife, from all the life out there. Always comes to me a feeling to look for something else in my life. That means exploring and discovering new things, places, and cultures without forgetting where I’m from. In my life, there is always a pursuit, of work in myself to be a better me, because happiness is not at the end of my way, what I want to be and represent, I found happiness during the way.

Special thanks to my sponsors Slingshot Kiteboarding and Prolimit to support me in this beautiful journey.

Filmed by:
Floris Tils
Antonio Herrera

Extra clips:
Jerome Cloetens
Wesley Brito
Sergio Turgano
Nicola Abadjiev

Edited by Pablo Amores

Tue 16th Aug, 2022 @ 9:00 am

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