Ride Engine Technical Changing Robe

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Ride Engine Technical Changing Robe

Start your Saturday morning off with this episode of ‘The Rants’ by Alexander Lewis-Hughes. Alex takes a totally unscripted dive into the history of C-Kites, 5th Lines and how these things are tied to progression for not only elite-level pros but also your everyday punter.

“This is possibly one of the most important videos I’ve made in regards to the progression of the sport and the continued access to equipment to facilitate such things.” – Alexander Lewis-Hughes

Time Codes:
Intro – 00:00
What is a C-Kite? – 00:22
C-Kites in the beginning – 00:49
Bridal kites in the beginning – 01:58
C-Kites V’s Bridal kites – 02:47
Safety truth bomb – 04:28
Bridal V’s 5th Line – 05:04
5th Line tangle issues – 05:59
Bridal kites stall progression – 06:40
Why have C-Kites become obsolete? – 11:25
What can we do? – 13:39
Why care? – 14:52


Sat 5th Mar, 2022 @ 9:00 am

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