IT’S LIVE! Premiering for the first time – Jesse Richman just released “Never Plateau” – a 6min film like nothing he’s ever produced before.

“Would you let a broken Tibia Plateau be the end of you? I’ve heard of many having no choice in the matter, it’s an injury that has taken down some of the most inspiring individuals in the world of extreme sports; I chose to say “no way; not now and never.”

Here is the story of an injury, a family, and a new kind of recovery, that I had yet to experience in all of my trials, until now. It encompasses an intense and specialized (yet universal) training program and an undying passion for progression; it’s an insight into my world for the past year or so. Throughout this year, I learned so much about myself and my beloved ones, and I found a new appreciation for my body on this wild roller coaster. Never have I been this excited about life, nor more pumped to get as creative with my sport.

Feeling stronger than ever, I have all my sights set on this winter. I’ve put into motion a brand new direction and the foundation to realize my lifelong goal; that of combining my love for big air with my passion for big waves. Thank you so much for tuning in and sharing this ride with me. Stay tuned for more action.” – Jesse Richman

Thu 9th Sep, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

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