“Stable, universal, and lightweight, this closed-cell tubeless kite is ideal for twin tip, foil, snow, and land kiting.”  Like what you see? Read on!

“Technology is moving forward at a pace, bringing some exciting new developments in kite design. Thanks to our cutting-edge simulation program, ALULA, we’re experiencing something of a revolution. Say goodbye to burst tubes, broken pumps and oversize bags, and hello to the Koala. Our new tubeless closed-cell twin-tip and foil kite are super-versatile with great performance and rock-solid stability.

Free flying went through a big change in the ‘80s and ‘90s as paragliders started to outnumber hang gliders. We predict a similar shift in the world of kiting, as heavy plastic inflatable tube kites give way to lightweight and versatile foil kites.

The Koala was designed with cutting-edge software and manufactured with the latest materials and techniques. With fast-inflating closed cells, a load-calculated internal structure and a mix of high-tech ripstop cloths it is durable and easy to handle. Re-launching is easy, and a clever drainage system means the water evacuates quickly. Not only does the Koala offer performance, stability and long hang-time potential but its versatility might just be its killer blow: one kite works for a wide range of wind strengths, so travel is a breeze and luggage-space worries a thing of the past. Simple. Just get on out there and have fun!”

For more information on Airwave Kiteboarding’s Koala, please click here.

Wed 21st Jul, 2021 @ 3:00 am

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