Alex Fox talks us through Slingshot’s original zero-to-hero board designed to get the masses up, foiling and having fun as quickly as possible. New for 2020, they updated the shape of the Alien Air with a thinner profile, narrower belly and a bit less volume. The changes make it easier to set on rail and water start, lighter and less bulky to manoeuvre and better as a crossover board for surf and wake foiling. This is still their widest and highest-volume kite foil board, which makes it great for touch-and-go progression, on-water transitions and all-around cruising.

Why you’ll love the Alien Air

  • NEW shape: Thinner, lighter, less bulky
  • NEW Cushy corduroy deck pad
  • NEW Leash plug allows for crossover from kiteboard to surfboard
  • Our legacy board for user-friendly freeride foiling
  • Volume, width and scooped nose = easy takeoffs, less crashing, touch-and-go performance
  • Lots of room to walk around, great for transitions
  • Great crossover shape for surf foiling

Package includes: Board, pedestal mounting hardware

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Sun 8th Sep, 2019 @ 12:00 am

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