Introducing the ALUULA Project – The evolution of light! For several years now, Ocean Rodeo has worked closely with Aluula to test and refine several of their composites, specifically for use in kiteboarding. The resulting collaboration has delivered radical reductions in kite weight, while at the same time increasing airframe flex response and durability.

Ushering in a brand new era in inflatable kite design and performance, Ocean Rodeo is proud to be partnering with Aluula, a Canadian-based composites company that has developed a revolutionary new array of ultra-light, ultra-strong composite materials and innovative new manufacturing techniques.

This collaborative venture represents years of effort by Ocean Rodeo to examine every single aspect of our kites’ construction for ways to reduce weight while preserving or enhancing their strength and integrity.

Partnering with Aluula marks the latest significant and exciting step in this ongoing process. The introduction of these new super light and strong composite materials brings a whole new dimension to our weight-saving efforts, and opens the door to many years of exciting kite performance increases, as we further refine our relationship with these phenomenal new materials.

Learn more about Aluula by clicking here.

Thu 8th Aug, 2019 @ 10:00 am

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