#rememberwhen Sam was just another kiteboarder up to his knees in the hood river moving rails around. This video is a salute to those days; no better way to honour the accolades of the present with a nod to the past! Watch this!

Words by Alex Fox

Five years ago I was asked by a kiteboarding magazine to write a column for one of their issue. I remember being really torn on what to write about. They gave me free reign and didn’t have an assignment or any real direction. I was knee-deep in my “career” and I wanted to talk about other riders that inspired me, and people that kited for the love. At this time, Sam Light had just gotten on Slingshot and I think we had gone on one trip together. I was really hyped that we were now teammates because it kind of gave me something to chase and it pushed me to get better. I came across the article not long ago and here is what I wrote:

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to spend a fair amount of time with Hayling Island’s favourite son after his recent signing with Slingshot, and he has blown me away. Sam has come along way in the past couple years from an (not so) average PKRA rider to one of the heaviest hitters in the park movement. This dude has claimed the top spot at every single kicker and rail event out there, pretty impressive stuff when you consider he has also pieced together some of the best and biggest video parts in kiteboarding. From Dynamics to Island Time with Dre, Sam has been a busy guy basically dominating kiteboarding on all facets. With a style that is as consistent as it is beautiful, I don’t think there are many riders out there that I would rather watch. When you can find someone who can span the spectrum of style and technicality you know it’s something special.”

Fri 12th Oct, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

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