After a long summer spent on getting you what would get you to go further on the water with our next generation kite lineup, we knew that we couldn’t just stop there. Our bars were in need of an upgrade that fit the caliber of kites and to provide you with gear that is an enabler and not a distraction.

After all this, Ocean Rodeo is proud to announce our new lineup of bars. Made to suit all your needs we’ve developed this lineup to match your style, be rugged and true, and not overbearing. Keeping things simple so you spend less time reading this article and more time kiting!

“You’re going to love our gear, we guarantee it”

The Pilot Bar

Already soft released to the public for some time now the Pilot Bar was made to show that high-end engineering doesn’t always have to have complex solutions. Fulfilling our lineup and taking things down to basics the Pilot Bar allowed for us to put forth simple solutions to complex problems.

The pilot bar contains an ‘reinforced’ framework as well, with a precision cleat lock, stainless steel center with a dual chamber polyurethane tubing to ensure no chaffing and no line tangle.

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The Shift bar notes some refinements from its previous iteration as the Stick Shift. Slimming everything down (including its name) the Shift bar is more profiled, built even tougher, and is engineered with the help of the performance engineering group r3.

The Shift bar is built with key components that allowed us to take an existing backline trim bar and make it last longer in rougher conditions, act more precisely without taking your eyes off the water, and create a more direct feeling to your kites.

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Sun 16th Sep, 2018 @ 3:00 am

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