Attention all RRD customers. RRD has issued a recall for its Global Bar V8 due to a durability issue with the Spectra de-power line. If you are riding with one of these bars, find more details, provided by RRD, below.

We have recently experienced a potential durability problem in the Spectra de-power line of the GLOBAL BAR V8. The problem occurred only in a very limited number of cases. In order to avoid an accidental breakage of the de-power Spectra line during kiteboarding and to ensure you the best possible service, WE DECIDED TO RECALL ALL THE GLOBAL BAR V8 AND IMMEDIATELY REPLACE THEM WITH THE NEW GLOBAL BAR V 8.1, which will be recognizable thanks to the new black de-power plastic tube which is different from the previous V8 Bar with its white plastic de-power tube.

So please, if you are in possession of a Global Bar V8, go to or call the shop where you bought your bar and request for its free replacement with the new Global Bar V8.1.

We apologize if this replacement may have caused any inconvenience. With the new Global Bar V8.1 we will give you maximum fun and security for your next thrilling sessions!

It is easy to recognise the V8 from the previous V7. Both the chicken loop and the graphics are different, with the V8 Bar featuring the new rotating chicken loop and updated EVA print.

The V8 is the only bar model to be replaced and subject to RECALL.

The Global Bar V8 has a WHITE de-power plastic tube.

This is the bar that will replace the Global Bar V8. The ONLY difference on the Global Bar V8.1 is the black de-power plastic tube instead of the white de-power plastic tube used on the Global Bar V8.

Mon 26th Feb, 2018 @ 12:00 am

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