ION is excited to announce an entirely new spreader bar, the C-Bar. The C-Bar is manufactured in one piece, and it’s made out of a fiber-reinforced injection material. Find out why the C-Bar 2.0 is the favorite of Matchu Lopes by reading the details below, provided by ION.

ION created a completely new spreader bar technology, which represents a revolution in performance and comfort. The C-Bar is made out of fiber reinforced injection material instead of metal, so it can be produced in one piece.

Neither fabrics nor stitches are necessary for processing which makes the bar super light and extremely durable. The lever tension system makes it easier to take the harness on and off. It tightens the harness without having to change the buckle settings and, at the same time, it guarantees a constant personal fit. In short: The straps only need to be adjusted once, then you simply LOCK AND GO!

Since the C-bar is made in one piece, it also has the same amount of rigidity throughout. The forces will be distributed perfectly over the entire width of the harness. The modular exchange system allows you to switch between different hooks in a few seconds.

The further development, especially with regard to wave riding, resulted in the C-Bar 2.0, which comes up with the same advantages as the C-Bar. Additionally, it allows to user to choose an exchangeable rope instead of a hook.

It won’t surprise that the C-Bar 2.0 is the all-time favorite ION product of Matchu Lopez, not the least because he made a big contribution to the development of the C-Bar — especially to the rope slider system.

Now it’s your turn: choose your C-Bar and just LOCK AND GO!

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Thu 11th Jan, 2018 @ 3:00 am

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